Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winterizing your vehicle can help prepare your equipment for winter storage. Many types of equipment are damaged each year due to improper tank and water system draining required to prevent the accumulation of ice in cold weather conditions. The following overview will help you prevent ice from forming in your equipment:

1. Move your vehicle to a suitable location for draining. If you suspect ice has formed within you water system then transport to a heated area and allow the water system to warm completely before use.


2. Make sure your vehicle is turned off and open drains in all water tanks and allow tanks to empty. Remove Y-strainers at fill and water pump suction and other options if so equipped.


3. Remove quick disconnect from hand gun outlet(s).


4. Start vehicle engine and leave at idle and then engage hydraulic pump.


5. Open both high pressure ball valves on the hose reel.


6. REMOVE rodder nozzle and SECURE hose end to an adjacent hose loop so reel can rotate. Point the hose end towards the ground as ice and water may be ejected while running rodder pump


7. Turn OFF water pump.


8. Rotate Hose reel clockwise direction to expel any water in hose.


9. Drain high pressure water gun.


10. Remove drain plugs for optional debris body wash out system.


11. Open optional gate valve to water pump.


12. Locate heat exchanger in water pump suction and open valves.

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