The history of Jack Doheny Companies



The history of Jack Doheny Companies

Jack Doheny Companies (JDC) was founded in 1973 – by one man – as a new entrant into the prosperous United States sewage cleaning industry. Mr Doheny drove his new business to success with the belief that “the dealer succeeds only when their customers do”. With this belief on the forefront, customer service became the most important aspect of all operations and with the slogan “We Service What We Sell”, it is clear that the service doesn’t stop on an interactive level. JDC started selling Vactor combination sewer cleaners immediately after opening and found a niche through selling on credit and offering guaranteed buy-backs. Though today this is common practice, back in the 70s this attractive option gave Mr Doheny an instant competitive advantage in the industry.


Since then, it has been a matter of rapid expansion and today the company carries the largest selection of sewer cleaning equipment, street cleaners and industrial vacuum trucks in the world.

JDC began operations in Canada in the third quarter of 2012 through opening a completely separate entity: Vacuum Trucks of Canada (VTC). It was recognized that even without any real promotion in Canada the company was receiving inquiries and leads for equipment; the obvious thing to do was to expand operations to enable these demands to be met. In just 18 short months VTC had put an impressive 100 units into the Canadian market. JDC now acts as the parent company for all partners as well as the multiple JDC locations, which now number 15.


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