Equipment Remanufacturing

Jack Doheny Companies continues to solidify its position as the leader in the vacuum truck sales and service industry with our significant investment in remanufacturing capabilities in North America.

Construction has recently completed on a $4 million Remanufacturing Facility in Northville, Michigan with a complete state of the art Blast Booth, full chassis Paint Booths, Clean Preparation and Assembly Areas, and Heated Wash Bays. This new facility triples JDC’s capacity for rebuilding and remanufacturing sewer vacuum equipment and ensuring the high quality output the industry has come to expect from a Doheny rebuild.

The Doheny rebuild starts with a detailed and accurate assessment of the truck and the scope of work required to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. The skilled and experienced technicians determine the amount of parts and labor to provide a reliable work ready unit upon completion and develop recommendations and options for the customer to choose from. The recommendations are broken into three categories – Needed, Recommended, and Preferred. JDC provides value and options to the customer by being able to distinguish between the work that is needed to simply make the unit reliable and work ready, versus that which adds value and confidence to the unit by restoring it to its original functionality and appearance.

The detailed assessment is broken down into the following major categories:

  • Debris Body
  • Water System
  • Hose Reel
  • Engine, Transmission, & Fan Assembly
  • Auxiliary Engine
  • Positive Displacement (Blower)
  • Hydraulic Pump & PTO
  • Cab & Chassis
  • Equipment & Operating Supplies
  • Electrical
  • Boom
  • Hydraulic System
Each rebuild is treated and tracked as a distinct project, and the phases of the project are entered into a critical path scheduling software package – Microsoft Project. This program helps the Doheny service and rebuild team plan and execute according to plan and budget, and clearly communicate with the customer the status of their unit.

Even if a customer is not ready for the full Doheny rebuild, we offer a complimentary 360 assessment of equipment that may identify some deficiencies that if addressed sooner rather than later, additional expense and unplanned downtime may be avoided.

Jack Doheny Companies has established partnerships with chassis manufacturers to facilitate the rebuild process. Whether the truck goes to one of their manufacturing facilities or their experts come to ours, the net result is that the customer’s unit gets the experienced factory trained expertise needed to ensure the unit is ready to return to service with confidence. We also provide a full range of logistical support options from drive away services to flatbed hauling to simplify the process for the customer. Regardless of where the truck is in North America, it is not far from a Doheny branch poised and ready to meet your service and rebuild needs.

Our support goes beyond repair and rebuild – we can assist with a full range of proactive asset management options to help prolong the life of your valuable assets. We can create an equipment file record within our NDS database system for each of your assets that we maintain. With GPS, we can track location, miles, and hours of service and send reminders when its time for regular preventive maintenance. This will enable us to develop a maintenance history of each asset which can be of value when it comes time to make a refurbish/replace decision supported by metrics.

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