Jack Doheny Companies is proud to now offer the NEW Mini-Cam PROTEUS, an entry-level modular crawler and battery powered pipeline inspection system for sale and rentals. A robust, lightweight, and extremely powerful 6-wheel drive steerable crawler, the PROTEUS offers everything needed for the professional pipeline inspection operator.

PROTEUS features CAN bus technology, allowing communication directly between each piece of attached equipment, such as relay control, status information, activity, speed, pressure, inclination and temperature.


Key Features Include:


Manual Elevator

The in-built elevator device allows for quick and easy centering of the camera in pipe sizes up to 600mm.


Optional Camera Heads & Auxiliary Light

Both cameras have extremely powerful LED lights. Choose from the Axial Camera option or the Pan and Rotate with a full 360° range of rotation. The additional Auxiliary Light features a built-in color rear view camera to aid when reversing the crawler.


Quick-Change Wheel Lock

Designed and developed exclusively by Mini-Cam, this patent pending wheel lock device makes changing wheels quick and easy.


Optional Large Wheels

4 different size wheel options allow the crawler to be centered in pipe sizes from 150mm to 600mm.


Built-In Lowering Device

Allows for fast and easy Operator deployment and retrieval of crawler.


Heavy-Duty Connector

This robust and extremely rugged heavy-duty connector features Mini-Cam's patent pending lock system which requires no tools to connect and disconnect

MiniCam PROTEUS Cable Reels_static

Cable Reels

Mini-Cam's manually operated cable reels can hold up to 300 Meters of cable, allowing for longer inspection distances from a single setup.

MiniCam PROTEUS ControlUnit_static

Digital Control Unit

The Proteus Central Control Unit (CCU) has numerous features that would normally only be found on more expensive systems such as:

  • - Twin Joysticks
    - Crawler Cruise Control
    - MPEG-4 Recording
    - JPEG Still Image Capture
    - Intuitive Hot Keys
    - Twin USB Ports

Reporting Software

Proteus can be equipped with ProPipe or WinCan V8 reporting software, saving time, money and increasing your productivity. Various system configurations can be adopted to suit individual requirements, making Proteus a truly modular and affordable system.

If you would like to learn more about the Mini-Cam PROTEUS give our Pipeline Inspection Division a call today at 888-936-4369

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