Lease to Own from JDC!

Lease to Own from Jack Doheny Companies!

Did you know that Jack Doheny Companies offers the industry’s best lease to purchase program? JDC customers with a lease or rental agreement can exercise their equipment’s purchase option and apply anywhere from 50-90% of their total payments towards its purchase. With 2015 coming to a close, now is a perfect time for current rental customers to reassess their plans and request a buyout proposal.

For decades Jack Doheny has supported customer’s with this option when competitive dealer’s wouldn’t. Jack Doheny does this in order the support the working man because when you succeed so do we. Mike Morehouse of Davids Hydro Vac Inc. in White Bear Lake, Minnesota knows this fact better than anyone:

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Wild Ride

Morehouse’s wild ride began in 2009 when he lost his job after a dispute with his employer. Through business contacts he knew about some work coming down the pike and decided to strike out on his own. He landed a contract to do utility-line locating for an energy company on a pipeline project in northern Minnesota.

The bad news: He didn’t have a hydrovac truck. The good news: When it looked as though he might land the contract, he took a friend’s advice and contacted Doheny, a 40-year veteran of vacuum-truck equipment sales, rental and service.

Tom and Jack Doheny were instrumental in getting me started,” Morehouse says. “My business wasn’t even incorporated yet, but Jack took a liking to me. We threw a rental agreement together in two weeks. I had to borrow money from my family and didn’t even know how I’d pay for fuel. But I knew I had to go big and risk it all. If nothing else, I felt confident in myself because I knew I was good at what I do.

Doheny says, “Mike knew what he was doing and knew the business well. Hard work doesn’t scare him. Plus, I was raised in Minnesota, and I know the work ethic people have there — they don’t mind getting their hands dirty — so I didn’t consider it a big risk. Even over the phone, I could tell Mike was a straight shooter.

Used vacuum trucks are hard to come by quickly, but Jack Doheny Companies had just taken in a rental hydroexcavator (a 2007 Vactor HXX PD) that would be ready in seven days, just two days before Morehouse was to start work on the pipeline project. So after using an online service to incorporate their company, he and Heather flew to Michigan to pick up the truck and drive it back home.

We were in such a hurry because I had to be in Bemidji, four hours north of the Twin Cities, in less than two days,” Morehouse says. “While Heather was filling out paperwork, people from Doheny were helping me grab everything I’d need. Then they gave me a slap on the rear and we hit the road. About eight hours after we got home, I was headed for the job site.

– ‘Wild Ride’ excerpt originally written by Ken Wysocky, “Persistence Pays Big”, Dig Different Magazine JAN / FEB 2015 Issue

Photo By Brad Stauffer

Photo By Brad Stauffer


Our Lease-to-Purchase Program provides Customers Great Benefits such as:

  • 1 – New business owners can establish a financial history while renting or leasing and ultimately secure financing to purchase their unit
  • 2 – Customers with immediate equipment needs can rent or lease while they shop around for financing
  • 3 – Customers can to try their equipment in a rental or lease before purchasing and have nearly all of their payments applied towards their purchase
  • If you currently have a rental with us and you’re interested in a purchase or have not rented from us but want to learn more, give us a call today at 888-616-8862

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