The JDC 500 Customer Appreciation Day

Thank You to All Attendees for Making the JDC 500 a Hit!

What a fantastic evening it was at the JDC 500 hosted at the I-96 Speedway on Friday. It was a fun filled evening of Michigan Dirt Cup Racing!

We were joined by 180 of our valued customers for refreshments and a delicious pig roast that was the heart of the party as people wandered and explored. The kids especially loved the equipment, being able to honk the horns on the Vactors and seeing what trucks their parents work with. They also had a blast playing heated battles of corn hole and horseshoes.  We even had perfect weather!

The Michigan Dirt Cup Racing began at 7pm, with some thrilling competition and exciting finishes.  Making the day even more fun was our official pace truck, the Vactor 2110 Combination Sewer Cleaner. The night ended with a stunning fireworks display that lit up the night sky as a fitting finale for such a fun day.
We enjoyed answering all of your questions about our equipment here at Jack Doheny Companies and had a thrill being able to provide a fun event for our customers and their families!
A special thanks to the I-96 Speedway for hosting such a successful event and we hope you all enjoyed the JDC 500 just as much as we did!

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