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2016 Custom Vac CV1700

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General Details:

EQ #:105
VIN #:1NKZX4TX0GJ473595
2016 Kenworth Tri Drive
Cummins ISX 15
Vacuum System:
Hibon XL820 PD


Custom Vac CV1700 Vacuum System (Truck
Mounted), EQ# 00105


 Tank design and constructed in compliance with Transport Canada
TC407/412 CSA B620-03

Debris Tank (16m3) 4400 USG +3% Outage):
 78” Diameter x 16’ Long
 78” x 5/16 Heads
 78” x 5/16” Shells
 Four circumferential reinforcement rings
 Three Rollover Bars
 Reinforcing pads on all tank attachments
 Preformed angle pedestals
 Ladder rungs P/S
 Prep Tank for Gallup Agitator
 Vessel Hydro-tested to 40 PSIG
 3” x 30# PSIG Pressure Relief Vent
 8:heavy duty internal shut-off c/w 6” stainless steel floatball/cage/ rubber
seat assembly and 6” flanged outlet
 6” Plumbing
 6” Oil & gas loop hose
 6” dip ( sample ) port top of tank c/w aluminum camlock
 One Bolted Baffle
 Full Opening Hydraulic Lift Rear Door with Safety Device c/w 6 pinwheel
door locks ( pinwheels to be Chromed )
 Rear door safety post P/S
 4” Betts Load Valve with 6” Sandpipe ,D/S
 4” Betts Load Valve P/S
 6” Betts Discharge Valve– Bottom Center of Rear Door
 All rear valves heated and equipped with air/open, spring/close air
actuators and flipper style control switches with quick air dump valves
 Recessed Stainless Steel Liquid Level Indicator - Grab Handle Style D/S
 6” Heated Isolation Butterfly Valve– Air Control Switch at Operator Station
 6” Cyclone with Clean-Out Door & Heated Drain Valve
 Two 2” Kunkle Relief Valves – in lower Vac/Pressure Piping

Hibon XL820 PD Vacuum Blower:
 High Efficiency Tri-Lobe Design
 1600 CFM Free Air Rating
 27” Hg Maximum Vacuum
 Oil Free Operation (Except Sealed Reservoirs)
 Blower Clearance & Timing Inspection Prior to Installation
 6” Four-Way Diverter Valve (Vacuum to Pressure Modes)
 6” Double Door Check Valve (To Prevent Blower Back Spin)
 16” Dia. x 20 Micron Rating (Washable) Pre-stage Blower Filter Approved
 High Torque/High Temp Blower Drive Coupling with Flexible Insert
 One Exhaust Silencer, One Intake Silencer

P T O:
 8-Bolt P.T.O. (Greaseable Shaft Seal)
 Air Shift Control & Hour Meter in Control Box by Driver’s Seat

Hydraulic System (Linde Closed Loop Design):
 Hydraulic Pump (Direct Mount to PTO)
 Hydraulic Motor (Direct Mount to Blower)
 Multi-Function Hydraulic Control Bank
 Variable Speed Joystick, for Blower Operation
 90 Imperial Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir (Cleaned, Purged & Air Tested
Prior to Installation) c/w (10 Micron) In tank Filter, Breather fill cap,
Temperature & Level Indicator and inspection hatch
 Global Hydraulic Vibrator with Flow Control Valve
 12 Volt Oil Cooler
 Mailhot single acting 3-Stage Hydraulic Dump Cylinder
 Double Acting Rear Door Hydraulic Cylinder with Safety Counter Balance
 Vacuum/pressure gauge and hydraulic pressure gauge as required
 Hydraulic Hose And Fittings As Required

Frame Unit, Decking & Trim:
 3” x 6” HSS Tubing Full Length Sub-frame secured to Truck - Transport
Canada Code Compliant
 Sub-Frame supports decking, Rear Hoist Hinges & Front Hoist Cradle
 Full Length 1/8” checker decking/fender assembly with Heavy Duty
Outrigger Supports, 1-1/4” HSS Steel Tubing Handrails, Close in Plates,
and Rear Tire Skirt
 Code Rear Bumper with Platform Step & Rear Dirt Shield

 One Steel Vertical cabinet c/w aluminum checker door, heater ,light and
hook bar P/S Mounted above and below deck for access from ground
 One 72” Steel Deck Box c/a aluminum checker doors D/S
 Two Rear Skirt Fitting boxes

Electrical System:
 Waterproof Main Circuit Control Box – Self Contained Power Supply
 Sealed Wire Harness c/w Waterproof Junction Boxes
 L.E.D. lamps (Clearance, Park, Signal)
 Sealed LED Reverse Lamps
 Four work lights
 Electrical System Shut-Down at Key
 Sealed Rear Skirt Lamp Modules
 Stop & Turn L.E.D. Sealed Lamp Modules on Top Ring of Rear Door
 One amber rotating beacon top rear of tank D/S
 Back-Up Alarm
 Deck Mount Blower Control Switch

Paint Finish:
 Entire Tank & Body of Vacuum System shall be Sandblasted , Primed and
Painted with Endura paint.

Additional Items:
 Two slide out Tire Chain Racks
 Diesel Flush System for blower
 Mudflaps as required
 Fire extinguisher c/w brkt and cover
 50’ Retractable ground cable

 Complete system installed on 2016 Kenworth Tri-Drive chassis

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