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2016 Cusco Hydro Trencher (Hydro Excavator)

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General Details:

EQ #:11151
2016 Western Star 4900SA
Detroit DD13
Vacuum System:
Roots DVJ 1021 Blower
GPM / Pressure:
3000 PSI @ 20 GPM
86,000 lbs



  • Installation Complete system installed on customer supplied tandem tandem chassis with cab to axle to be determined. Min 445 tires. Tractor package to be supplied with truck chassis.  
  • Tank Capacity 3000 USG + 3% Outage  
  • Rear Door Hydraulic full opening rear door assembly with 6 heavy-duty door bolts, neoprene rubber rear door gasket, dual double acting side mounted hydraulic cylinder and safety brace.  
  • Suction Valve 6" ANSI Betts air operated valve, with Betts actuator 6" sand pipe/deflector plate assembly, aluminum Kamlok fittings mounted on rear head. Note sand pipe to be slotted and covered with expanded metal on side facing the head.  
  • Discharge Valve 6" ANSI Betts air operated valve with Betts actuator and aluminum Kamlok fittings mounted on rear head
  • Isolation Valve Dual 8” air operated butterfly valve between primary shut-off and cyclone with controlled by manual air switch.  
  • Filtration System Dual 20" diameter cyclones mounted on 20" diameter drop box with side swing clean out, 3" brass drain valve and aluminum Kamlok fittings, Cusco 30” diameter final filter assembly installed for protection of blower with 20 ” diameter stainless steel 100 micron filter.  
  • Blower Specifications Roots DVJ 1021 Blower 5184 CFM free air rating, 4100 CFM @ 18"Hg, 27"Hg maximum vacuum  
  • Silencers 12" intake and 14" exhaust silencers.  
  • Blower Piping Dual 8" diameter with 8" quick disconnect rubber boot assemblies.  
  • Blower Valving 6" manual butterfly vacuum relief valve and 12" inline check valve assembly  
  • Blower flush system Diesel fuel supply line with valve from separate diesel fuel tank.  
  • Drive Driven from air shift transfer case.  
  • Pressure Unloading System None  
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Mounted on hydraulic dump sub-frame with suction strainer, diffuser, fill cap, hydraulic oil filters and sight glass.  
  • Hydraulic Dump System Full-length hydraulic dump sub-frame with 20 ton, double acting dump cylinder, rear dump pivot assembly and safety brace.  
  • Vibrator Hydraulic vibrator assembly mounted bottom of tank with reinforcing pad, heavy duty mounting channel and pressure relief valve  
  • Hydraulic Controls 4-spool valve body for control of vibrator, rear door, hydraulic dump, and tiedown mechanism. Hydraulic pressure gauge on valve body.  
  • Gauges HydroEx gauge panel assembly with tank vacuum/pressure gauge, filter element vacuum gauges, tachometer, throttle control, diesel flush control and cooler over ride. Panel to be located on the driver side of unit near hydraulic controls.  
  • Side Trays Full-length side toolboxes with aluminum checkerplate doors for storage / fender assembly with anti-sail mud-flaps and rear tire skirt, installed both sides of tank. Complete with lockable fold down doors and seal. Full length splash guard to installed between side tray and subframe.  
  • Water Tank Capacity Separate dual 500 USG located in front of waste tank compartment, permanently attached to subframe (does not dump with waste tank). 4” diameter cross over line, 4” diameter drain valve and 2” diameter water system feed valve. Water tank re-circulating system.  
  • High Pressure Wash System Pratissoli water pump with suction strainer, pressure relief valve, Two (2) steam rated hydraulic rewind hose reels c/w at least 75’ 3/8” high pressure hose. Complete wash pump and reels mounted on passenger side, in a painted steel insulated cabinet with 2 high capacity bus heaters and aluminum checkerplate doors installed, light and small hose access doors for hose reels. Includes handgun, steam wand and digging wand with 3000 psi ball valve and female quick disconnects.  
  • Wash System Operation Wash to be set-up to run one or both hose reels at the same time for hot water only not steam. Water system to be set to maximum 3000 psi and 20 GPM.  
  • Hot Water System 980,000 BTU/hr burner with steam kit. Diesel fuel filter system with water separator. Water supplied from wash system. Burner mounted in heated cabinet, exhaust stack for burner. Glycol flush tank included for winterizing system c/w air purge system  
  • Trim 12” wide walkway assembly, full length located on driver side with safety railing and ladder. Rear section of the catwalk to have fold down rail to allow boom to operate on driver side of vehicle. Heated stand up locker installed on passenger’s side behind cab for work clothes and cutting wands.  
  • Fill Connection 2" fill line on curb side with anti-siphon air gap protection, Y type suction strainer and valve, located for easy access for cleaning and fill connection.  
  • Liquid Level Indicator Three (3) 2” sight glasses installed on each tank  
  • Boom 8” Moro hydraulic boom assembly with 320 degree hydraulic rotation, 4 ft. hydraulic extension, plunger valve and remote pendent control, both wired and wireless.  
  • Boom Controls Wireless boom controls in addition to wired pendant controls DOT LED moisture proof lighting (3) lower lamp assembly Dual upper turn and brake lamp assembly (5) Side marker lights on side tray (3) in a row clearance markers Clearance lamps Reflectors Upper license plate mount and light assembly (1) Rear amber strobe beacon 6 total Flood lights. (4) rear facing rectangular halogen flood lights, (2 on rear door and 1 on each side of tank at front). (1) at blower control area and (1) at wash system work area. (1) rear traffic advisory arrow board  
  • Bumper DOT rear bumper for protection of external valves with platform/step assembly and rear dirt shield.  
  • Tube Holders (2) Tube holders installed, one on each side of tank, to hold (2) 8” x 60” aluminum suction tubes each. (Includes 8” tubes with Band lock connections (4) in total).  
  • Heated Jacketed Valve Heated jacketed assemblies for all loading and drain valves  
  • Chain Hangers (2) Sliding chain hangers, one mounted each side complete with locking bar  
  • Fire extinguisher 20lb ABC extinguisher mounted on driver's side  
  • Doors All doors to be aluminum checkerplate The entire tank and body of the vacuum system shall be sandblasted and primed with two (2) coats of primer and painted with two (2) coats of single stage Axalta paint. Please note there may be an additional cost for base coat clear coat cab matches in the event that your proposed paint color cannot be matched to an Axalta single stage paint code.  

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