Introducing The All New Kerf Cutter

Fixing A Valve Box Just Got Easier

Fixing broken valve boxes has always been a time consuming task for most departments, so what if you could reduce 10 working hours to just 10 minutes? What if you could eliminate the hassles that come with closing busy streets for long periods of time?

With the Kerf Cutter, you can!

The Kerf Cutter provides municipal water and street departments an efficient solution for repairing broken valve boxes. With three easy steps: Cut, Extract, and Insert, the Kerf Cutter will cut out and extract the broken section of the box enabling you to insert a male repair sleeve. No more cutting the asphalt, digging out the broken section, filling the hole and patching the pavement only to see the road settle months later to create a roadway obstruction.

The Kerf Cutter provides you with the ability to drastically reduce time spent on a job, and more importantly eliminate roadway shutdowns that can cause traffic congestion!

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Kerf Cutter Valve Box Repair Tool Kit:

  • 1 Kerf Cutter w/ Bosch Motor 110Volt, 15 AMP
  • 1 Basket Guide & Ring w/ Spring Loaded Guide Mast
  • 1 Puller w/ Heavy Duty Pull Strap
  • 1 Hard-Sided Case w/ Foam Insert
  • 10 Cutting Wheels
  • 1 Wheel Changing Wrench & Blade Adapter.
  • TOTAL PRICE: $3,500.00

Gate Valve Repair & Replacement: A 3-Step Process


Can't get enough of the Kerf Cutter? Well check out these videos to see in-depth how it all works!

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