IBAK NANO Pan & Tilt Camera

The World’s Smallest Lateral, Mainline & Pan / Tilt Camera

Jack Doheny Companies is now offering the latest miniature pipeline inspection camera from Rapidview / IBAK. As the name gives it away, the NANO is a neat and compact camera with an attractively small exterior. Pushrod, tractor and lateral launch capable the NANO has many features that make it a great choice for a range of applications.

Features include: laser measurement, integrated location transmitter, bright LED lights, pressure regulation, and a full pan and tilt functionality.

While the NANO is capable of traveling in pipelines as small as 2 in. in diameter, you will not be giving up power or flexibility with this camera. We are certain that the technological sophistication of this camera will impress you, and potentially open up new opportunities for your business or inspection program.

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Miniaturization NOT Simplification

As technology advances our tools should become smaller and easier to use. The NANO Pan & Tilt Camera embraces this philosophy and is the first very small diameter camera to provide all the features you expect in larger cameras.

Lateral Launch Flexibility

The NANO is perfect for LISY Lateral Launching. The smaller camera when used with our more flexible pushrods, will allow you to more easily launch “backwards” into laterals when traveling against the flow. The small size also means you can push around obstacles and pipe bends much easier.

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