Hydro Upgrade


Hydro Excavation Option For Combo Sewer Cleaners


If you have an older generation Combination Sewer Cleaner and you’re looking for an inexpensive way of adding Hydro Excavation capability to your truck….look no further than the Hydro Upgrade package from Jack Doheny Companies.


Whether you’re trying to extend your truck’s useful service life or have the ability to quote excavation work the Hydro Upgrade Package is a great upgrade option!!

Package Includes:



- Extension Wands (40 in. & 20 in.)
- Leader Hose (½ in. X 25 ft.)
- Unloader Valve (1 in.)
- High Flow Spray Gun
- Side Handle
- Female-to-Female Coupling (½ in. )
- Male-to-Male Coupling (½ in.)
- Male-to-Female Coupling (½ in.)
- Ripsaw Nozzle
- 2 & 3 Tip HXX Nozzles
- Retractable Mounted Reel
- Hydro Vacuum Tube
- Installation Included

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Upgrade capability will be confirmed prior to order acceptance.
Package pricing confirmed at time of order acceptance.

*Front Reel Option Available


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