H2TR Manhole Protection Rings


Get Protected Today With H2 Technical Rescue's Manhole Protection Rings!

At JDC we care about safety in the workplace. We are pleased to offer products much like H2 Technical Rescue's Manhole Protection Rings (MPR) that can help workers avoid disasters and accidents.

We all hear the horror stories that surround manholes all over the world so taking extra precaution is very important!

These MPR's are valuable accessories for sewer and inspection operators looking for increased manhole entry safety options. Constructed of durable high-quality ABS plastic the MPR works in openings ranging from 20 - 30 in. and provides personnel / equipment protection from the sharp edges of manholes.

Benefits Of Using MPRs


Ropes, air lines, Vactor hoses, and communication lines slide in and out of the manhole openings with ease. The lines no longer make contact with the sharp edges of a manhole resulting in extended product use and savings on equipment.


The efficient design of the MPR is easy to insert and extract from the manhole. It allows individuals working in manholes to begin working immediately with little incremental setup time.



Individuals being lowered and raised out of manhole openings are protected from the sharp edges of the manhole that can result in lacerations and bruising.



The MPR is made in the USA from high-quality ABS plastic and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.


Make safety a priority in your workplace.

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