Vactor HXX Prodigy – Mid-Size Hydro Excavator

Vactor HXX Prodigy

The Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator, from Vactor Manufacturing, is based on the popular Vactor HXX HydroExcavator and years of vacuum excavation research, customer input, testing, and experience. The HXX Prodigy mid-sized vacuum excavator is the perfect non-destructive machine for a wide range of utility and municipal applications including safer potholing, key hole repairs, precise excavation, slot trenching, HDD drilling mud recovery, water valve box repair or utility and line locating.

Versatile enough to excavate using either air or water as a digging medium, the HXX Prodigy features a 16-inch Hg, 3200 CFM PD blower with a custom-designed and optimized filtration system that can handle both digging mediums—Air (185 CFM / 150 PSI) and Water (10 GPM / 2500 PSI)—without a bag house. Small and compact, the Prodigy combines big machine performance at a fraction of the cost.

With more than 19 million miles of buried utilities in the United States and utility marking location accuracy often in questions, the Prodigy vacuum excavator quickly and efficiently locates underground utilities while protecting the vulnerable and expensive infrastructure. Utility companies, utility service contractors and municipalities will appreciate the ease of operation, lighter operating weight and maneuverability of the Prodigy when working in tight spaces. Excavating using either air or water as a digging medium is an added advantage for utility contractors who often require air excavation for locates and line repairs.

The Prodigy provides powerful performance with a lower operating cost than the larger counterparts, and more productivity than the trailer type models. Equipped with application-specific enhancements, it can perform in the toughest climate and soil conditions while maintaining maximum up-time.

Vactor 2100+

The Vactor HXX Prodigy gives you the quality, durability, productivity, and performance you have come to expect from Vactor.


Debris Body: 6 yd3 Debris Body

Water Tanks: 600 Gallon Capacity

Water System: 10 GPM @ 2500 PSI

Hydraulic System: 50 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity

Vacuum System: Roots 624 (16 in. Hg) 3200 CFM @ Max. Speed 2800 RPM

Vactor 2100+

Electrical: Moisture & Vapor-Sealed

Paint: Shot Blasted, Phosphate Washed, Modules Painted & Assembled

Options: Air Excavation Package / Vacuum Enhancer / 400,00 BTU Water Heater / Cold Weather Options / Telescopic Boom

Precise Excavation Using Water or Air

The Prodigy uses hydro-excavation, blasting away soil with jets up to 10 gallons of water per minute, at rates from 1,500 to 2,500 psi. The variable-pressure triplex pump allows the operator to adjust water pressure with the push of a button. For applications where dry digging is preferred, an optional air excavation system is available. In certain areas, air excavation can be the preferred method of excavation. The Prodigy with air excavation option allows the operator both capabilities to meet the job’s requirements.

Innovative Design

Mounted on a 33,000-pound gross vehicle weight Class 7 truck chassis (non-FET), the HXX Prodigy features a user-friendly control system and a standard extendable boom with 320-degree rotation that provides full coverage of the working area. An optional telescopic boom is also available.

Vactor 2100+

Ample Water & Debris Capacities

The Prodigy is able to carry up to 600 US gallons (2271 L) of water and 6 cu. yards (4.6 m3) of debris and can perform in the toughest climate and soil conditions, for more up-time and lower operating costs. An optional 400,000 BTU water heater helps cut through frozen ground and clay. And the optional cold weather package which includes a heated pump and hose-reel cabinet protects against winter weather.

Superior Vacuum Performance

The Prodigy features a powerful 16-inch Hg, 3,200 CFM PD blower with a custom-designed and optimized filtration system that can handle both digging mediums—air (185 CFM / 150 PSI) and water (10 GPM / 2500 PSI)—without a bag house. The 3,200 CFM blower and 6-inch hose provide the operators with increased performance when compared to smaller trailer units.

The vacuum system features ultra-efficient airflow, a Vactor trademark. The simplified airflow path maximizes pickup and filtration effectiveness, while minimizing the amount of material that passes through the blower. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of premature wear or extensive repairs.

Making the Best Even Better

Exclusive IntelliView Electronic Control & Monitoring System

IntelliView, a centralized data system that monitors and displays real-time equipment performance data such as blower RPM, blower temperature and fuel consumption in gallons / hour is standard. This feature provides instantaneous fuel consumption data that allows you to determine the most fuel efficient operation of the unit for the application. System integrity is continually monitored to prevent misuse of the equipment, protecting both the machine and operator in an intuitive and simple-to-learn control system. Chassis information is also monitored through the IntelliView allowing the operator quick visibility of chassis engine RPM, fuel level, and more! The centralized location non the control panel allows the operator real-time feedback of equipment without having to look in multiple locations, monitoring operations and quickly troubleshooting the system if necessary. The electronic control system is located away from the water pump and other water components to prevent electronic failure in the event of a water leak.

Vactor 2100+

Water System with DigRight™ Technology

The variable water multi-flow pump with the new patent pending DigRight technology allows the operator to select a maximum water pressure limit to prevent the pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements.

Vactor 2100+

User-selectable maximum water pressure setting that controls the water pump’s max water pressure output. The system has three default selectable pressure limitations based on industry best practices for digging around underground utilities: 1,500 PSI, 2,500 PSI, 3,000 PSI with the option to turn the feature off.

The default settings are custom-configurable to the customer’s needs.

A simple ‘double-click’ on the control brings the system to a preset pressure level.

Automatic adjustment of the pump’s water displacement to match the user’s nozzle selection.

Prevents wear and tear on check valves, unloader valves, and relief valves by avoiding bypassing water, which is typical with other multi-flow systems.

Preventing bypassing of water also saves fuel and money by eliminating wasted energy.Automatically adjusts water flow when using tow operator stations.

Vactor 2100+

The standard water system is rated at 10 GPM @ 3,000 PSI (37.85 L), the maximum pressure recommended for safe excavation. It is powered by a hydraulically operated triplex piston water pump. Each unit includes a standard handgun hose 3/8 in. x 75 ft. (.95 cm x 22.86 m) mounted on a heavy duty retractable reel. The handgun and water pump can be mounted in an optional heated cabinet for protection against cold weather conditions. The Vactor HXX can be configured to include an additional handgun reel, hose, and digging lances for improved productivity.

Safe, Smart, Rugged, & Reliable Vacuum Excavation

The Vactor HXX HydroExcavator uses high pressure water or optional pressurized air to break up and loosen soil, while a powerful vacuum system lifts the soil up and out of the excavation area.


The electrical system is moisture and vapor sealed, and protected by resettable circuit breakers. All wiring is through specifically designed, function stamped and color coded OEM wiring harness for reliability and ease of use and troubleshooting. Wire harnesses feature a protective snake skin covering to ensure a reliable and rugged electrical system. At the heart of the system are the solid-state control modules which are designed for the application and feature no moving parts, unlike relays, switches, timers, and flashers seen with other systems, which are prone failure from vibrations. The Vactor HXX control modules are designed for use on mobile equipment, are vibration and temperature resistant, and have reduced electrical wiring for less potential of shorts.

Vactor 2100+

The Vactor HXX features a 4-stage, paint before assembly, automotive quality paint finish. This process features sand blasting and acid washing to remove oils for proper paint adhesion. The components are then primed and painted with 2 coats of automotive grade polyurethane paint for an outstanding fit and finish. Black components feature a baked on powder coat finish.

Vactor 2100+

Hydraulic System

The Vactor HXX utilizes an on-demand hydraulic system for an energy efficient and reliable system. The hydraulic system is protected by a 10-micron spin-on type hydraulic filter designed for the application.

Boom & Vacuum Hose

The 7 ft (2.13 m) top mounted, hydraulic extendable boom, provides 320º of rotation to provide full working coverage around the unit to maximize the work area. An optional telescoping boom is also available to meet your application need. The 8 in (20.3 cm) inside diameter hose allows easy passage of large, thick material for maximum productivity. Work area is large with a 22 ft (6.71 m) reach from the center-line of the truck. Various vacuum tubes and storage are also available.

Vactor 2100+

Vactor’s new boom turret design improves operator performance and productivity with increased vertical range of motion. The boom’s turret features a removable transition which is easily replaced or removed. The increased range of motion enables the operator to complete most applications with only one dig tube, reducing setup and tear down time by eliminating the need to add additional vacuum tubes. Vacuum dig tubes are quickly and easily stored in optional fold-down pipe racks with Vactor’s patented* Twist-and-Lock pipe locking system. This eliminates the use of bungee straps which can be difficult to operate.

Operator’s Station & Controls

A user-friendly, ergonomically designed control box is located curbside for easy access and efficient operation. Enclosed in an aluminum box, it is protected from environmental elements and is located away from the water pump and other water components to prevent electronic failure in the event of a water leak. Controls include a tachometer and hour meter for both chassis and blower, temperature indicators for various systems, water system on/off with multiflow, complete boom and body dump functions, E-Stop and more. A wireless remote is standard, putting all of the controls in the operator’s hands directly at the worksite. The operator can control the boom up/down, in/out and left/right with the wireless controls.

Vactor 2100+

Vacuum Systems

The Vactor HXX HydroExcavator features flexible vacuum system options including chassis powered positive displacement blowers or a centrifugal compressor fan system for a simple, single engine vacuum source.

There are three positive displacement blower choices: the Hibon 8702 Tri-lobe, the Roots 824, and the new Robuschi RBDV 145.

Vactor 2100+

Robuschi RBDV 145 – *NEW*

  • A quieter and more powerful offering
  • - Robuschi RBDV 145 Tri-Lobe (28 in Hg) 6,176 cfm @ max. speed 2000 rpm
  • - Ultra-quiet inlet and outlet silencers acoustically matched to blower
  • - Under 90 dBA at all operating RPM per SAE J1372 test
  • - Direct drive, heavy-duty transfer case
  • - Vacuum relief located at the inlet of the final filter to fully relieve vacuum
  • - Ideal for work at higher altitudes due to ability to produce increased cubic feet per minute (cfm) which aids in compensating for the reduced atmospheric pressure
  • - Superior in long horizontal runs of four and six in vacuum hose or deep vacuum applications
  • - Tested up to 35% performance improvement over other blowers in class
Vactor 2100+

Hibon 8702

  • - Hibon 8702 Tri-Lobe (28 in Hg) 5250 cfm @ max. speed 2000 rpm
  • - Ultra-quiet inlet and outlet silencers acoustically matched to blower
  • - Direct drive, heavy-duty transfer case
  • - Vacuum relief located at the inlet of final filter to fully relieve vacuum
Vactor 2100+

Roots 824

  • - Roots 824 rotary lobe (18 in Hg) 3500 CFM @ max speed 2250 rpm
  • - Three vacuum reliefs incorporated and set at 18 in Hg for added protection of vacuum system
  • - Vacuum relief located at the inlet of final filter to fully relieve vacuum
  • - Includes a micron final filter screen and housing, located prior to the blower inlet
  • - Direct drive, heavy-duty transfer case
  • - Lighter weight enhances fuel economy and payload

All Vactor HXX vacuum systems are protected by application sized centrifugal cyclones for improved filtration, minimizing material pass through to ensure a long lasting vacuum excavator.

Fan Vacuum System

  • - Ideal for most vacuum excavation applications
  • - Dual 38 in (96.52 cm) aluminum two-stage centrifugal compressor/fan system
  • - Hydrostatic fan drive system
  • - Vacuum relief located at the inlet of debris tank to allow operator to vent to atmosphere
  • - Lighter weight enhances fuel economy payload capacity
Vactor 2100+

Optional Features

The Vactor HydroExcavator’s modular design allows you to select options that meet your specific needs so you can achieve the maximum productivity you expect.

  • - 400,000 BTU/hr water heater helps cut through frozen ground and clay
  • - Cold Weather Package includes a heated pump and hose reel cabinet to protect against winter weather
  • - Walk-in warming cabinet
  • - 20 GPM water pump
  • - Hydraulic tool package
  • - Second operator’s station
  • - Additional tool boxes
  • - Heated, lockable storage
  • - Stainless steel water tank
  • - 15 cubic yard volumetric capacity debris body
  • - 7 ft hydraulic telescopic boom with 320 degree rotation
  • - Wireless remote for debris body dump functions
  • - Many chassis axle configurations to meet your requirements
  • - Many additional cold weather features
Vactor 2100+

Proven Performance

  • - Excavating Remotely at Long Distances
  • - Precision Excavation
  • - Exposure of Live Gas Distribution Lines
  • - Utility, Pipe & Line Location
  • - Day-Lighting Underground Infrastructure
  • - Excavation in Frozen Ground
  • - Directional Drilling Mud Recovery
  • - Pipe & Line Installation
  • - Tank Cleaning
  • - Utility Excavation
  • - Valve Box Clean Out
  • - Drill Rig Cleanup
  • - Emergency Response
  • - Water-Line Repair
  • - Slot Trenching
  • - Potholing
  • - Pit Cleaning
  • - Spill Cleanup

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