Vactor 2100 Plus with Centrifugal Compressor (FAN)

Vactor 2100 Plus Series – Centrifugal Compressor (FAN)

Vactor Manufacturing has introduced a single engine fan platform solution for the Vactor 2100 Plus Sewer Cleaner. This addition is a result of the company’s continuing efforts to develop, text, and validate superior cleaning equipment. The new model offering continues to deliver improved simplicity, durability and performance to clean sanitary and storm lines , and keep debris out of the ecosystem and fresh water supplies.


Vacuum System

  • - Single & Dual Stage Fan Systems
  • - 15 in., 16 in., & 18 in. Hg PD Blowers

  • - Fixed Boom
  • - Optional 8 ft. Telescoping or 5 x 5
  • - Debris Capacity
  • - 5, 10, 12, & 15 cu. yd. Capacity
Controls / System Monitoring

  • - IntelliView Command Module
  • - Optional Hand Held Wireless or Belly Pack
Vactor 2100+


The Vactor Single Engine Fan is simple to operate. The front operator control panel has two selector switches for the fan drive:

  • 1. Fan ON / OFF
  • 2. Fan Mode: LOW / MED / HIGH


The hydrostatic drive components have been aggressively size to maximize the life expectancy of the system. The fan drive system keeps the step-up transmission which results in a lower required hydraulic motor speed than competitive models. Preliminary evaluations suggest a minimum 6 time life expectancy when compared to competitive models.


The single engine fan platform uses the same 2100 Plus Centrifugal Compressor for improved performance over older models. Vactor’s hydrostatic drive system offers improved performance when compared to the auxiliary engine driven system in the “working range” of the fan.


The single engine fan platform uses the same 2100 Plus Centrifugal Compressor for improved performance over older models. Vactor’s hydrostatic drive system offers improved performance when compared to the auxiliary engine driven system in the “working range” of the fan.

Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning entire wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100 Plus single engine sewer cleaner includes many of the same features customers have come to expect, including the easy-load, fast-dump debris body, Modul-Flex design system, and mufti-stage air filtration systems.

The Vactor Advantage


  • - Variable Displacement Pump w/ Variable Speed Motor
  • - Hydraulics - 2:1 Step Up Cotta Transmission Reduces the Speeds

Other Model

  • - Variable Displacement Pump w/ Fixed Motor
  • - Run at the Rated Maximum Speed for Hydraulic Motor

Vactor Advantage

  • - Pump can be smaller, but more efficient since energy is only consumed when needed
  • - Increased Life of the Motor

Single Engine Single Stage Fan

The 2100 Plus Single Engine, Single Stage Fan takes advantage of the unused power available in the chassis engine. This new model utilizes a closed-loop hydrostatic drive system to power the fan vacuum system and has been thoroughly tested and validated to meet Vactor’s standard for quality and durability.

Vactor 2100+

Single Engine Dual Stage Fan

The 2100 Plus Single Engine, Dual Stage Fan provides a cost effective, efficient solution to the growing EPA mandated emissions standards for mobile engines and on-highway chassis engines. It takes advantage of the unused power available in the chassis engine. This new model utilizes a closed-loop hydrostatic drive system to power the fan vacuum system and has been thoroughly tested and validated to meet Vactor’s standard for quality and durability.

The patent pending controls manage a hydraulic drive system that features a variable displacement pump and variable displacement motor. The motor will shift displacement based on fan load. In high torque load condition the motor will shift to higher displacement, while in low torque load condition the motor will shift to a lower displacement. Essentially you get the power you need, when you need it.

Vactor 2100+

Ease of Operation & Maintenance

The design and ergonomic controls on the Vactor 2100 Plus make it easier to operate, providing an all-around command of the work area. And everything the operator needs to clean sewers is centrally located at the front of the sewer cleaner as well as a convenient side operation station for maximum productivity and efficiency. The hose reel and controls are located at the front of the unit for increased productivity and safety. In addition, the rotating hose reel creates a flexible, expansive work area that works in combination with the 180º rotating vacuum boom.

All New, Advanced Electronics

Vactor’s exclusive IntelliView electronic system with easy-to-read screen makes operation easier and safer thanks to its diagnostic, trouble-shooting and safety check capabilities. From displaying the blower temperature to monitoring flow, pressure and system diagnostics, IntelliView saves time and money and helps keep operators safe. In addition, Vactor now includes more wireless functions such as e-stop which brings the unit to a safe condition, protecting both operator and equipment, hose reel pay in and out and speed control as optional features.

Vactor 2100+

Smarter Systems For Better Performance

As the industry innovator, Vactor 2100 Plus features a host of advanced systems that not only offer better performance, but also operate more efficiently. For instance, Vactor's exclusive Multi-Flow system allows you to set flow at a lower rpm, which results in better fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. In addition, details such as a lighter, more balanced fan design (Fan Model) allow for superior airflow (20% increased vacuum pressure*), while a revamped air-routing and filtration system make getting the job done faster, safer and more efficient.

*When compared to current two-stage fans.

When you add up all the details - quieter engine and water pump systems, new long-handle tool storage, higher ground clearance to navigate through off-road obstructions, twist-and-lock pipe storage that's positioned lower on the truck , lower water fill point for operator convenience, as well as E-stops at all operator control points on the unit - it's easy to see how the Vactor 2100 Plus offers an overall better experience for the operator.

Vactor 2100+

With everyone looking to save on fuel costs, we made efficiency a top priority. That’s why we’ve improved many of our systems – from the chassis engine to the fan and blower systems to the auxiliary engine – to provide you with the performance you want and up 34% better fuel economy than the current 2100 configuration. But the efficiencies don’t stop with the fuel. You’ll use up to 10% less water thanks to the revamped pump controls and nozzle technology.

From big features such as our powerful Jet Rodder Water Pump to small details like hand sanitizer dispensers in the tool boxes, we left no stone unturned when it came to making the Vactor 2100 Plus better than ever - and with more standard features than ever before.

IntelliView Electronic System

Gathering all functions into one smart, centrally located system, Vactors’s all-new IntelliView display provides diagnostics on the machine’s readings, prevents operators from changing settings that may compromise safety, helps operators locate machine errors or issues and offers a troubleshooting tool to quickly diagnose fault codes or operational problems.

Vactor 2100+

Easy to Use

Since it’s similar to command modules found with other types of machinery, IntelliView is familiar and intuitive even to first-time users. The IntelliView screen offers image-based menu options and easy-to-read text. And to make it even easier, the command module screens can be customized to suit the operator’s preferences.

Even More Efficient

Not only does IntelliView display readings like system pressures in real time, it also allows you to log in settings allows you to log in settings such as water flow and hose footage deployed. This can help your operators reduce the use of water and other resources, as well as lower your cost of ownership.



Featuring a fully equipped, easy-to-use troubleshooting system, IntelliView is able to accurately diagnose fault codes. In addition, security measures within the IntelliView system will validate proper sequencing functions in order to prevent misuse of the equipment.

Safer & Smarter

Protecting both your investment and the safety of your workers, IntelliView enables the electronic modules to perform self-diagnostics to ensure all safety interlocks are satisfied before a function can be completed.

Exclusive Vactor Jet Rodder Single Piston Water Pump

The dual action, single piston Vactor Jet Rodder water pump is now available with up to 3,000 PSI. This is the only pump designed exclusively for sewer cleaning with “Jack Hammer” obstruction breaking operation. With pump options available up to 3,000 PSI, customers can have additional capabilities of high pressure if needed.

Vactor 2100+

How The Jet Rodder Pump Works:

  • - The single piston dual acting water pump is designed to be driven hydraulically, and contains only 5 moving parts.
  • - The pump’s simple design has a hydraulic cylinder on one side of a sealed center block and a water cylinder on the other side. A single shaft with specially constructed piston heads is slowly driven back and forth.
  • - The pump is constantly loading and expelling hydraulic oil and is constantly loading and expelling water.
  • - The Jet Rodder pump comes with an unconditional 30 minute run-dry certification.
Vactor 2100+

Jack Hammer Action

The pump’s Jack hammer action helps to further break up debris caked on pipe walls and provides additional cleaning power to break through obstructions in the line. The piston shift change in the direction naturally causes a surge in the thrust that acts like a jack hammer to obstructions.

Low Maintenance

A slow stroke design reduces friction, providing longer field life with less maintenance than other pumps. Because of the hydraulic drive, there are no belts to adjust or maintain and only 5 moving parts. It does not depend on water for lubrication and cooling like other pumps which can then be damaged.

Vactor 2100+

Multi-Flow System

Allowing you to attack the toughest jobs using less water and less fuel, the Multi-Flow System – now standard on all Vactor 2100 Plus units – is the smarter way to do your job every day.

Low Maintenance

With Multi-Flow, more demanding jobs don’t always mean more water. You can set the water flow at a lower rpm than competitive models, while still maintaining peak pressure, helping you clean both effectively and efficiently.

Three Levels for Three Types of Jobs.

Multi-Flow allows you to pick the setting that’s right for you:

  • LOW PUMP MODE delivers 1-25 gallons per minute (GPM), which is perfect for hydro-excavation, later cleaning and lift station cleaning.
  • MEDIUM PUMP MODE pumps out 25-60 GPM, an effective setting for small diamter pipes with small to medium levels of material accumulation. In fact, 30 GPM at 2500 psi is just as fast and effective at cleaning a 4 in. to 8 in. pip as a 60-80 GPM* setting – all while staying safer and using less water.
  • HIGH PUMP MODE powers out 60-80 GPM* for larger diameter pipes. This powerful setting eliminates the need to hire an outside contractor.
Vactor 2100+

Precise Performance for Absolute Control.

Thanks to Multi-Flow and the Digital Flow Meter, operators will know exactly how much flow and pressure they are using, which can maximize performance and prevent them from using a worn or incorrect nozzle. And with this increased level of control, Multi-Flow can help operators get through jobs faster and more safely, increasing productivity.

Vactor 2100+

Less Fuel. More Power.

Multi-Flow is designed to deliver the best of both worlds – the power to get through the toughest jobs and the smarts to do it as efficiently as possible. While the Multi-Flow uses two PTO’s to improve hydraulic system efficiency, it turns the second one off when it is not needed. Add to that the ability to control flow and pressure settings, and Multi-Flow ensures you’re always using the perfect amount of horsepower – nothing more, nothing less.

Vactor 2100+

VactorTRAK Remote Information System

The new VactorTRAK remote information system monitors and reviews sewer cleaning operations on Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaners equipped with the system (also available as retrofit on existing 2100 Plus units).

Vactor 2100+

Collects and transmits comprehensive, operational intelligence from the Vactor 2100 Plus to a secure, hosted website where the public utility or professional contractor is able to access information 24/7 from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Reports live on sewer cleaning operations in the field and takes you right to the job for continuous, real-time updates on progress and productivity.Track key data, including hours of operation, water consumption, distances of lines cleaned, vacuum utilization and fuel consumption.

The information can be viewed in near real time or for a specified date range, and is also exportable to Microsoft Excel.

With VactorTRAK, the sewer cleaner operator can enter the job work order number to correspond to the daily dispatch work list, allowing the operations manager or supervisor to view the activity performed for any specific job.

Vactor 2100+

This system provides customers with information on how the sewer is being cleaned, how the truck is being operated, and what is being accomplished. A second operator input field can be used to record any specific information that the operations manager wishes to capture, such as rating the cleanliness of the line, recording an asset number or recording the nozzles used to clean.

VactorTRAK allows the operations manager to view statistics for each unit or the entire fleet over a given time period to determine information such as

  • total sewer line cleaned,
  • total jobs performed,
  • total amount of water consumed,
  • total number of productive hours and
  • total fuel consumed.

After logging in, the most current information is instantly available, including the current location of the sewer cleaner fleet, and the current status of each unit. A summary of daily statistics shows what each unit has completed up to that point during the day.

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