Pipelogix GIS Module

GIS Module with Bi-Directional Interface

The Pipelogix GIS Module provides a bi-directional interface with GIS programs that will save the CCTV operator valuable entry time and reduce the chance of data input errors. Asset data is imported into PIPELOGIX asset tables by creating a template to map fields from a Feature Class in a Geodatabase or from a Shape File to PIPELOGIX asset fields. Once imported, the CCTV operator can open a map from the survey form, select his pipe or manhole to inspect, and the asset details will auto-fill in the header form.

A map template can be created for each asset type; mainline, lateral, or manhole. Feature colors and annotations are all customizable by the user.

Adding GIS features to PIPELOGIX offers many benefits for field supervisors:

Locate Specific Pipe Problems
Filter the survey list using the PIPELOGIX filter tool for problems like grease, roots, cracks. Open the map from the survey menu and all of the selected pipes will be highlighted on the map. Seeing where the problems exist on the map can make it easier to schedule your equipment effectively. The map can be printed as well as the list of filtered surveys.

Export Changes & Conditions
Export asset detail or conditions to shape files or geodatabase feature classes. Then load the layer for viewing in an ESRI product. You can also choose to add the layer to the map in PIPELOGIX for viewing. Now you can view not only the pipe but actually see the condition at the correct footage.

Create A Project Of Inspections
Create a project of surveys for the CCTV operator by opening the map from the survey menu and selecting the pipes to survey. The surveys are created for the CCTV operator with manhole numbers and asset detail.

The PIPELOGIX toolbar added to ArcMap lets the engineer filter the map to display all pipes surveyed, pipes with a defect type, pipes with a specific grade or score value.

With PIPELOGIX Full Version the powerful analysis tools built into the 360 create accurate survey data from three different pipe views. The Full View resembles the traditional survey movie with travel through the pipe controlled by your computer mouse. You can travel fast, slow, pan and tilt or zoom to problems.

Survey Tool

Opens the surveys for the selected pipe from the PIPELOGIX database. All surveys done on the pipe will be available for review. All survey functions are available including the movie, pictures and reports.

Movie Tool
Opens the movie (DVS or 360 Viewer) from the last survey done on the pipe. Selecting a condition displayed on a pipe from an exported shape file or feature class will jog the movie to the condition.

Lateral Movie Tool
View the movie from the lateral survey when it is linked to the mainline survey.

Picture Tool
Opens the pictures from the last survey done on the pipe.

Flow Tool
View the flow direction of the surveys with this graphic option.

Report Tool
Opens the tabular, pipe graphic, and score reports from the last survey done on the pipe.

Create Surveys Tool
Creates a project of surveys in the PIPELOGIX database from the pipes selected.

GIS License Requirements
Full Reporting License to import and export detail from the maps. Lite License or Full Reporting License with any ESRI ArcGIS desktop product including an ArcGIS Runtime License to display the map within PIPELOGIX. Reader to view survey data in ArcMap.

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