Pipelogix DVS Module

DVS Module (Digital Video Survey)

The Pipelogix DVS (Digital Video Survey) Module provides an improved way of viewing and storing sewer surveys that are collected each year by cities and contractors. DVS records a digital file of the survey as an MPEG1, MPEG2, or Microsoft WMV file formats as the CCTV Operator is entering the observations seen in the pipe using PIPELOGIX.

Benefits of the DVS Module

  • Compact storage method
  • Record in MPG 1, MPG 2 or WMV format
  • Direct access to specific survey defect sections
  • DVS Player Export to share surveys without loading any software
  • Archive of movies to network location for sharing

Features Include:

  • Pause
  • Auto Pause
  • Append
  • Archive
  • File Naming

Redesigned in 2005, DVSplayer is a great way to share information. Surveys are selected and exported quickly and easily with the built in CD/DVD burn function in PIPELOGIX. The disc created is auto loading, requiring no program installation by the user/viewer. View survey detail including header information, movie, pictures, and conditions. The tabular and Pipe Graphic reports are included as well as the Picture List (new with version 6.4.8). Lateral surveys done from the mainline are available as links off the mainline.

This image of a Desert Kangaroo Rat was captured through with the DVS module utilizing a Pearpoint mainline inspection system during a survey in the Coachella Valley region of So.California. Affectionately nicknamed “Kanga”, the crew enjoyed a lengthy encounter with this rarely seen endangered animal, who seemed to enjoy being “in the spotlight.”


Compatibility is built into PIPELOGIX. Use it with any CCTV camera system to record your survey findings. The footage
readings are entered automatically into the survey forms and any PIPELOGIX field can be captioned to the video for recording.

Import asset and survey information into PIPELOGIX from a variety of formats including Infor/Neztek DEU, Cityworks, GBA, PACP, Sewer.dat and more. The result is more accurate information available to CCTV operators when they are creating surveys.

Since PIPELOGIX has separate tables for assets in the database, creating multiple surveys for a pipe, lateral, or manhole is not a problem and allows the Engineer or Supervisor to see the survey history on a pipe. The operator can select the asset from the convenient “insert asset” tool button in the survey form. All of the stored data will be inserted into the survey form saving valuable entry time and limiting chance of entry error.

The lateral survey tool available in the mainline survey form was designed for use with a lateral launch camera system. The DVS append feature lets you create one digital file for your mainline and separate digital files for your lateral surveys with one equipment setup and pass through the pipe. If you use a push camera to inspect your lateral line, you can link the lateral survey form to your mainline survey form with our lateral linking tool.


PIPELOGIX stores asset details as well as survey data. Assets can be imported into PIPELOGIX from a variety of sources including GIS programs. PIPELOGIX Full Reporting License offers extensive tools to review and analyze survey data.

Asset lists can be viewed and filtered so you can see all the surveys performed on an asset

Copy and Paste projects or surveys between databases to easily create a master database from multiple trucks

Filter on user criteria to find pipes or surveys for review

Paragraph editor—create custom statements about recommendations or detailed descriptions of potential problems that the CCTV inspector can select and add to surveys without taking the time to compose or mistype statements

Administration—Create password identities for users to limit program functionality

Built-In Features to Assist the CCTV Operator:
CD/DVD burning function allows for easy sharing of survey data with customers or within your organization
Counter preset function automatically inserts preset footage into survey
File naming template to easily create custom names for videos, pictures or PDF reports
Auto close of all continuous defects when survey is ended
Easy insert of GPS coordinates compatible with the NMEA v2.1 standard

PIPELOGIX Survey Options


Share inspection data seamlessly with major asset management and mapping programs.

Export to industry standards.

DVS and 360 Player to share video or 360 files, details, pictures and reports with clients or other departments.

NDEU, an Infor Public Sector add-in exports Group Projects from Infor. The inspection is completed in PIPELOGIX® and the surveys, notes and pictures are sent back to Infor. Hansen V7 and V8 are both supported.

A list of assets exported from GBA can be imported into flexidata. GBA Master Series utilizes the PACP export file to import surveys and movies into GBA.
Azteca CityWorks interface to import workorders and create inspections on export.

GIS link to view surveys from your ArcMap viewer.

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