PIPELOGIX is the software of choice for ease of use, clarity, flexibility and informative reports. The browser contains complete sort and query capabilities, allowing you to filter on entered information i.e. pipe size, location or defect. Pipelogix offers several modes including PACP and WRc. It easily interfaces with asset management programs because it stores asset detail so it can utilize unique mainline pipes, lateral pipes, and manholes within the program and track the surveys done on them. The core module contains a complete set of pipe defect codes so you are up and running in 15 minutes, producing professional reports and creating your own descriptions. PIPELOGIX software works the way you want—on site or back in the office.


  • • Complete Pipe Defect Code Set
  • • Choice of Report Formats
  • • Database Functions i.e. Backup, Filter, etc.
  • • Context Sensitive Help File
  • • In-house Software Engineer and Technical Support Desk
  • • Works on a laptop, desktop or rack mount computer
  • • Free Reader available for sharing reports electronically
  • • Works with all CCTV Systems

360 Survey

The 360 Survey Module is designed to work with the new scanning cameras like Panoramo and Panoramo SI. When 360 is paired with a Lite Reporting License, it launches the Panoramo scanner and also creates Mini-movies. The powerful analysis tools built into 360 are combined with a Full Reporting License to create accurate survey data from three different pipe views.

GIS Module

The GIS module was developed to give the CCTV Operator a visual aid in selecting the pipe to survey. Since its release in 2004, new functionality has been added to assist the Supervisor. A Full Reporting license is required to import and export GIS information and perform other GIS management functions, but the map can be displayed with a Lite Reporting license in the survey form to select pipes for inspection. ArcGIS 10.2 through ArcGIS 9.3 are supported.

Manhole Module

Manhole Module offers an in-depth survey format for the manhole and its components. Both the ASCE standard and the MACP standard can be used in conjuction with Full Reporting or Lite, or it can be used alone with the Video Capture or DVS modules. Both asset and survey forms are provided to collect and store information.

DVS Module

DVS (Digital Video Survey) Module provides an improved way of viewing and storing sewer surveys that are collected each year by cities and contractors. DVS records a digital file of the survey as an mpeg or wmv file as the CCTV Operator is entering the observations seen in the pipe using PIPELOGIX.


Inclinometer Module is the ideal way to provide a graphical representation of the pipe depth. Detail is also available in tabular format. Compatible with Pearpoint, IBAK, Aries, Envirosight, and RST CCTV equipment.


The MPEG 4 Module is available with Version 6.4.8 or newer. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is required to record and view the video. The Windows 7 standard decoders are used to playback the video file. Features include Stope and Pause. Append is not available with MPEG 4. A HASP dongle is required. If you have a parallel port, purple USB, or black USB key it will need to be returned to Pipelogix so you can be sent a HASP USB key with MPEG4 added to your other modules.

Full Reporting

Full Reporting is often used as the Office License because of the data management functions it has. It offers advantages in the truck environment as well. It has all of the features of Lite plus the following data management functions:

  • Copy & Paste
  • Paragraph Editor
  • Caption Editor
  • Code Editor
  • GIS Import / Export
  • Batch Printing
  • Auto-Save All Reports as PDF
  • Required for 360 Analysis
  • Administration Program to restrict access and enable functions like Mandatory Fields and Code Edits

Lite Reporting

Lite Reporting includes Video Capture and all of the features required to do a survey.

  • Access to Mainline & Lateral Survey Forms
  • Find Function
  • Burn CD/DVD Function
  • Access to All Reports
  • Note & Sketch Features
  • Grout Survey
  • Import / Export
  • Burn to CD/DVD
  • GPS Interface

Grout Survey

A grout survey can be done with Lite or Full Reporting in standard mode or PACP mode (added wiith the 6.2.3 release).

Enter the test pressure used into the test pressure field in the header. The observation form automatically counts the joints for you when you use the GRT code. If the joint fails the pressure test, the value and pressure field become mandatory. The grout report prints the total joints passed, the total joints failed, and the total amount of grout used.

With PACP, the pass and fail are built into the codes themselves. Here is a list of the new PACP grout codes.

  • GRT-grout done at location i.e. a crack
  • GTFJ-Grout Air Test Fail at a Joint
  • GTFJ-Grout Air Test Fail at a Lateral
  • GTPJ-Grout Air Test Pass at a Joint
  • GTPL-Grout Air Test Pass at a Lateral
  • GTUJ-Grout Air Test Unable to take at Joint
  • GTUL-Grout Air Test Unable to take at Lateral

Lateral Survey

The lateral survey form can be launched from a mainline survey form. Key information entered into the mainline survey automatically pre-fills the lateral survey form. Note the fields filled above in the newly launched form. The survey is also linked to the mainline survey for quick and convenient viewing of each inspection.

Now there is an LACP version available for PACP users.

You can also launch the lateral survey from the Browser tree under Projects so you can do inspections with a push camera from the clean out or other entry point.


PIPELOGIX is compatible with most asset management programs such as Cityworks, Infor Public Sector Hansen V8 and lucity, among others.


PIPELOGIX has always been able to integrate with other software products through its comprehensive Import/Export formats. Custom imports or exports can also be created. Just contact us to discuss them. Standard import/exports include:

  • Cityworks
  • ESRI
  • Examiner
  • DVSplayer
  • Hansen NDEU
  • PACP
  • MACP
  • Sewer1.Dat
  • Surrey Hansen

System Requirements

Any computer meeting the minimum requirements can be used with PIPELOGIX: rack mount, tower, or laptop.

PIPELOGIX Reporting minimum requirements are:

  • Intel Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • RS232 port or USB port with adapter for communication with CCTV system
  • Printer port or USB port for license key

DVS minimum requirements are:

  • Intel Processor (Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • video capture card (see supported list below)
  • 512 MB graphic card
  • RS232 port or USB port with adapter for communication with CCTV system
  • Printer port or USB port for license key
  • If laptop computer, USB 2.0 port for capture device

Video Capture Cards Supported and tested

  • ATI TV Wonder HD750 PCIx
  • AverMedia PCIx-Ec027
  • AverMedia DVD EZMaker USB Gold
  • AverMedia DVD EZMaker 7 USB
  • KWorld DVD Maker USB 2.0 (drops frames at 720 x 480 resolution)

CCTV Systems/Text Writers Supported:

  • Rapidview IBAK
  • Aries VL2000, VL3000, VL5000, Omega
  • RST/XBOB by Decade Engineering firmware version 3
  • Envirosight DEO3SW
  • Cues K2 Summit
  • Pearpoint P377, P320, P600, P383, P350
  • Inukton VT300 or VT150 [firmware rev:xx-xxx-26(or greater)]
  • Rausch

Support Program

PIPELOGIX has earned a reputation for having one of the best after-sales technical support departments and programs in the industry. Their products are developed in-house so when you call or email for support, you'll be receiving solutions from those directly involved in the creation and on-going development of our products, not a third party in a remote location.

A support program is included with the initial purchase.

  • Lite Reporting -- 2 months
  • Lite Reporting w/ Video Capture -- 2 months
  • Lite Reporting w/ DVS -- 4 months
  • Full Reporting w/ any other Module -- 6 months

Extended support program membership is available for a modest yearly fee

All PIPELOGIX customers receive a Support Program Membership when they purchase a Reporting License. When it is due to expire, a notification is sent offering a one-year renewal.
Benefits include:

  • Free Version Upgrade — approximately 4 times a year, a new release is issued for PIPELOGIX that will include new features. Members can request the version and it will be sent at no additional cost via Priority Mail.
  • Telephone Support — Monday through Friday 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m PST
  • On-Line Support — Our members only site requires a password to enter. It contains upgrade patches, training videos and an FAQ of known solutions.
  • Training Class — Classes are available at our Palm Desert California facility. The members are responsible for travel and lodging expenses. They receive training materials, lunches for two days, and a certificate upon completion at no additional cost.

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