Oskosh XRS Extreme Runway System

The Oshkosh XRS Extreme Runway System is a faster, simpler way to handle the most severe winter climate conditions. The sheer size is awe-inspiring, but it’s the capability that is most impressive. By combining a Plow, Blower, Sweeper and Air Blower in one unit, the runway clearing process is simplified. There’s less equipment, fewer operators and one platform for maintenance and training.

Broom & Power Train Specifications

  • XRS BLOWER HEAD: 143.8 in. Length x 235.2 in. Width/li>
  • TOW BEHIND: QSX 11.9 Tier 4i EPA Certified Broom Engine/li>
  • BROOM CONTROL: Oshkosh Command Zone Broom Control | Oshkosh Smart Patter system (Optional)/li>
  • IMPELLER: 73 in. Diameter | 6 Blades | 2 Shaft Flange Shear Bolts/li>
  • RIBBON AUGER: Dual In-Feed 30 in. Diameter x 117 in. Long/li>
  • BLOWER ENGINE: Caterpillar C-18 In-Line Cylinder 4-Cycle


Oshkosh heavy-duty single piece frame
Oshkosh designed and tested transfer case/axle
Oshkosh ALL STEER system
Oshkosh Command Zone CAN control system with self diagnostics
Corrosion resistant aluminum cab with fiberglass roof and fascia
Full-Length stainless steel piano type door hinges
EPA 2010 compliant drive engine


Designed and built for the most severe snow conditions
Proven 2-stage design snow blower head
Dual, variable speed hydro static ribbons
Clears snow widths up to 20 ft. (6 m) in a single pass


Single piece of equipment for snow removal operations
Reduces number of vehicles in runway conga line
Enhanced operator utilization
Ready for towed broom integration


Front Axle:

• Oshkosh® Model 29K, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts, driver-controlled traction differential and Oshkosh cage ring type steering ends
• 6.17:1 ratio


Rear Axle:

• Eaton 17427, full floating, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts and driver-controlled traction differential
• 6.14:1 ratio

Cooling System:

• Radiator core (auxiliary) – fin and tube type with de-aeration system

• Fan – temperature controlled clutch

• Spin on coolant filters

• Silicone radiator and heater hoses

Drive Engine:

• Cummins ISX 12 L in-line 6 cylinder, 4 cycle


• Single formed channel made of carbon manganese steel, heat treated

• Yield strength – 120,000 psi (827 Mpa) minimum

• RBM – 2,818,000 in.-lb. per rail

• Construction – Grade 8 flanged bolts and flanged locknuts

Transfer Case*:

• Oshkosh 55000 Series, rear axle declutch

• 2.66:1 and 0.98:1 ratios


• Allison® Rugged Duty Series, 4-speed electronic

• Front – 29,000 lbs. (12,247 kg)

• Rear – 26,000 lbs. (10,433 kg)

• Total – 55,000 lbs. (22,680 kg)


• 164 in. (4,166 mm)


• Steel disc

• 20 x 10 in. (508 x 254 mm)


• Hydraulic SAE No. 1 housing, engage/disengage
• 14 in. (356 mm) 3 plate

Front Axle:
• Oshkosh® Model 29K, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts, driver-controlled traction differential and Oshkosh cage ring type steering ends
• 6.17:1 ratio

Drop Box:
• Oshkosh 2 Speed
• Lubrication – pressurized system

Blower Engine (4 Cycle):
• Caterpillar® C-18, in-line 6 cylinder, 4 cycle
• Displacement – 1,105 in3 (18.1 L)
• Horsepower – 700 @ 2,100 rpm
• Governed rpm – 2,250
• Heated fuel/water separator

Ribbon Augers:
• Dual in-feed 30 in. (762 mm) diameter x 117 in. (2972 mm) long
• Wing-mounted, left and right hand, at 56° angle to direction of travel
• Reversible ribbon drives, with hydraulic override and relief
• Chain direct drive, powered by 90M Series 55cc fixed displacement hydraulic motors

• 73 in. (1,854 mm) diameter, 6 blades, 2 shear bolts in impeller shaft flange
• Impeller housing constructed of AR400 plate for high-wear resistance
• Individually removable impeller blades
• Rotating impeller chute housing, thru 160° total swing, left to right

XRS Blower Head:
• Overall dimensions:

  • - Length 143.8 in. (3653 mm)
  • - Width 235.2 in. (5,974 mm) – exceeds sweeping path of largest sweepers
  • - Height 79.2 in. (2,012 mm)
  • - Gross weight 14,420 lbs. (6,541 kg)
  • • Lift-assist caster wheel sub-assemblies, left and right wing-mounted, 1/16 in. (2 mm) shim adjustable

    • Hydraulic lift, 2 in. (51 mm) rod x 1 in. (25 mm) stroke, single acting, 23 in. (584 mm) dual caster pneumatic rubber caster tires mounted on each bogie

    • 13 in. (330 mm) hydraulic actuated caster brakes to eliminate caster shimmy

    • Abrasion resistant SETCO solid rubber composite bolt-on cutting edge


Heavy-Duty Construction:
• High-performance tow broom for multi-function high-speed snow removal
• QSX 11.9 Tier 4i EPA certified broom engine
• Oshkosh designed and manufactured steering axle is heavy-duty and sealed from the elements
• Heavy-duty mechanical landing gear for storage
• Heavy-duty sealed slewing ring bearing design

Oshkosh® Command Zone™ Broom Control:
• Optional Oshkosh Smart Pattern system knows when brooming occurs and compensates for bristle wear for consistent broom pattern
• Optional ground speed control adjusts broom rpm based upon chassis speed
• Interactive display with joystick and switches integrated in arm rest
• Simultaneous multi-function operations with coordinated broom and air blast movement

Smart Design:
• 46 in. (1168 mm) diameter broom available in 18, 20 and 22 ft. (5.5 m, 6.1 m and 6.7 m) widths
• Active weight transfer balances weight distribution and ensures proper broom pattern
• Broom positioning and pattern control from the cab or broom engine enclosure
• Hydraulic system features clean hose routings and single point access for filter replacement
• Electronic broom modules grouped in one accessible location
• Mechanical cooling system is efficient and reliable

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