Oshkosh H-Series Chassis

The H-Series Chassis was built around the specific needs of those who manage extreme snow removal at airports around the globe. Advances in visibility, reliability, power and flexible accessory integration (blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms) come standard allowing you to respond to winter storms with force and without hesitation. Unmatched Oshkosh reliability and backed by 24/7 world-class service and support.


  • AIR CLEANER: Dry 2-Stage w/ Safety Element
  • BRAKES: Air Operated Mechanical | Electronic Anti-lock Brakes
  • ENGINE: Cummins ISK 11.9 | In-Line 6 Cylinder | 4-Cycle
  • INSTRUMENTATION: Oshkosh Command Zone LCD Dash Pod
  • FRONT AXLE: Oshkosh Model 27K | 6.17:1
  • REAR AXLE: Eaton 17427 | 6.14:1


It’s not just the look of the H-Series chassis that’s so impressive. It’s the look out. A much larger windshield, with 40% more glass and no corner posts. Rear three-quarter windows eliminate blind spots. Light bars are placed out of sight lines. Lower front windows give you a bird’s-eye view of attachments. The windshield stays clear with better wiper coverage and an improved defroster system. In every way, the H-Series is designed to give the operator an unparalleled view of the airport and its obstacles.


Pilots, passengers, airport traffic control. They don’t care if you’re brooming a foot of powder or throwing two-foot windrows over the lights. They just want to see bare runway. The H-Series is built to seamlessly integrate with a variety of blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms to adapt to your requirements.


The H-Series cab responds with a host of features that will make operators as comfortable as they are productive. Like a cab that’s a full 10” wider and 10” deeper. Improved sound insulation for better communication. Two full size seats to accommodate a supervisor/training officer. Easier to operate digital climate control. Add in two doors, power roll-down windows, and yes, even cup holders, and operators will find that putting in a little overtime is anything but hard time.


An unwavering commitment to safety has long been a priority at Oshkosh. As is evident in the H-Series snow chassis. Unmatched power and speed are combined with built-in advanced safety features. These include emergency stop button for components, a joystick that only engages when the driver is ready, and on-dash error messages that tell operators what safety interlock is blocking a selected action.

Heavy-Duty Construction

  • • Oshkosh heavy-duty single piece frame
  • • Oshkosh designed and tested transfer case/axles
  • • Oshkosh ALL STEER system
  • • Oshkosh Command Zone CAN control system with self diagnostics
  • • Corrosion resistant aluminum cab with fiberglass roof and fascia
  • • Full-length stainless steel piano type door hinges
  • • EPA 2010 compliant drive engine
  • • Adaptable to any broom/plow attachments

Superior Visibility

  • • Elimination of corner posts opens view of the runway
  • • Quad electric windshield wiper system
  • • 55,000 BTU heater/defrost system with digital climate control
  • • Rear three-quarter windows eliminate blind spots
  • • Light bars are placed out of sight lines
  • • Lower front windows open up view of attachments
  • • 1-piece panoramic reverse slope windshield
  • • Tinted safety glass

Improved Operator Safety & Comfort

  • • 70 in. (1,778 mm) wide cab
  • • 2 full-size seats for driver and supervisor/training officer
  • • 2 doors, power roll-down windows and cup holders
  • • Joystick operates only when driver is ready
  • • Full-length walkway with handrails


Type: Dry, two-stage with safety element Underhood / outside air intake selector

AXLE, Front: Make &Type:Oshkosh Model 27K, single reduction with special heat-treated alloy steel shafts, driver-controlled traction differential and Oshkosh cage ring type steering ends

Ratio: 6.17:1

AXLE, Rear: Make & Model Eaton 17427, full floating, single reduction with special heat-treated alloy steel shafts and driver-controlled traction differential

Ratio: 6.14:1


Type: Spring, mounted on rear axle.
Secondary Emergency System: Modulated split type
Auxiliary air inlet, left side
Quick drain lanyards on all tanks


Type: Dual system, air operated mechanical, Electronic Antilock Brake System (4S4M)
Front: 16.5 x 7 in [419 x 179 mm] S-cam rotary
Rear: 16.5 x 5 in [419 x 127 mm] S-cam rotary
Compressor: 18.7 cfm


  • Oshkosh extra heavy duty
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Aluminum body with fiberglass roof and fascia
  • Full-length stainless steel piano type door hinges
  • Fully rustproofed
  • One piece panoramic
  • Reverse slope windshield
  • Power windows left and right
  • Stationary rear windows (3)
  • Dome lights (2)
  • Courtesy entry lights (2)
  • Tinted safety glass
  • 70 inch cab width
  • Three-point rubber mount


  • Electric horn
  • National Standard Plus air ride driver’s seat, right of center
  • Fold up cloth passenger seat
  • 55,000 BTU heater/defroster
  • Digital Climate Control
  • 12 volt Power outlet (1)
  • Cup holders (2)
  • Doors, (2) locking
  • Electronic engine controls with on-board diagnostics integral with Oshkosh Command Zone®
  • Electric remote control heated West Coast type mirrors with separate remote adjustable heated spotter mirrors
  • Ether starting aid, thermally protected, ignition switch activated
  • Keyed chassis engine
  • Floor mat
  • Fresh air type heater and defroster
  • Grab Handles
  • LCD dash display
  • Light bars
  • Quad electric windshield wipers mounted above windshield with intermittent speed control
  • Self-canceling turn signals
  • Side window defrosters
  • Sun visor, front and side
  • Tilt/telescoping steering wheel
  • Windshield washer, 6 quarts
  • Three point seat belts
  • High idle cruise control
  • Digital clock / outside air temperature


    Oshkosh Command Zone® LCD dash pod on steering column:

  • Odometer
  • Tachometer
  • Hourmeter (registering engine run hours)
  • Voltmeter
  • Air system pressure (dual system)
  • Fuel level with low fuel level warning
  • Low air pressure

    Warning Icons For:

  • Low Air Pressure
  • ABS Warning
  • ABS Communication lost
  • Engine Communication lost
  • Engine Stop
  • Check Engine
  • Low Voltage
  • Engine overheat
  • Engine low oil pressure
  • Transmission overheat
  • Check Transmission
  • Transmission communication lost
  • Hydraulic temperature
  • Hydraulic fluid level
  • Parking Brake Applied
  • Low transmission oil sensor
  • Transfer case range
  • Transmission gear selection


  • Air dryer
  • Backup alarm
  • Crankshaft PTO adapter
  • Dual 125 gal [473 L] fuel tanks
  • Flat top steel fenders
  • Full catwalks
  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • Mud flaps front and rear of rear tires
  • One-piece molded fiberglass tilting engine cover, carrier engine
  • Vertical exhaust with stainless steel shield


  • Radiator Core: Fin and tube type with built-in deaeration system • Horizontal flow
  • Frontal Area: 1,080 sq in [6,967sq cm]
  • Radiator Construction: Bolted, with separate deaeration system
  • Charge Air Cooler: Cooling flow parallel to radiator
  • Fan: Temperature-controlled clutch, two-speed


  • Make & Type: Cummins ISX 11.9, in-line 6 cylinder, four cycle
  • Displacement: 729 in3 [11.9 L]
  • Horsepower: 354 @ 2,100 rpm
  • Peak Torque: 1,350 lb ft @ 1,200 rpm
  • Governed RPM: 2,100


  • Alternator: 200 amp, chassis engine driven
  • Lighting: 12 volt
  • Starting: 12 volt
  • Battery: Four 12 volt, 950 CCA each @ 0°F [-18°C] (3800 CCA total)


  • Material: Carbon manganese steel, heat-treated
  • Type: Single formed channel
  • Size: 12.38 x 3.88 x .38 in [314 x 98 x 9.5 mm]
  • Yield Strength: 120,000 psi [827 Mpa] minimum
  • Tapered Section Modulus: 19.67 to 23.49 in3 [322.34 to 384.94 cm3] per rail
  • RBM: 2,818,000 in-lb per rail
  • Construction: Grade 8 flanged bolts and flanged locknuts
  • Front Frame Extension: 24 inches
  • Rear Tow Hooks: Two Bumper: Straight rear bumper, full width


  • Cab-mounted headlights with turn signals
  • Clearance and marker lights to comply with federal regulations
  • Engine compartment lights
  • Fender-mounted headlights and turn signals
  • Roof-mounted strobe light
  • Dual back-up lights
  • Dual stop, tail, turn signal lights (LED) at rear


  • Acrylic urethane
  • Epoxy primer
  • One color from Oshkosh standard color chart


  • Make & Model: Dana 1710 Series
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Splines: “Glidecoat” treated


  • Make & Type: Sheppard XD120 integral hydraulic power gear
  • Chassis Hydraulics Warning System: Low level/high temperature


  • Front: Type: Hotchkiss, semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 7 leaf, 48 x 3 in [1,219 x 76 mm]
  • Auxiliary: 5 leaf, 39.63 x 3 in [1,006 x 76 mm]
  • Rating: 27,000 lb [12,247 kg]
  • Rear: Type: Hotchkiss, semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 7 leaf, 48 x 3 in [1,219 x 76 mm]
  • Rating: 18,000 lb [8,165 kg]


  • Make & Tread: Michelin XZL
  • Size: 395/85R20 - 20 ply


  • Make & Model: Oshkosh 55000 Series, rear axle declutch
  • Speeds: Two with Oshkosh SmartShift®
  • Ratio: 2.66:1 and 0.98:1
  • *Versions are available with rear axle disconnect, bevel gear center differential with driver-controlled lock, or automatic (Dorr-Miller) differential


ALLISON® Rugged Duty Series4-speed electronic
1st ............3.51:1 Reverse ............4.80:1
2nd ...........1.91:1
3rd ............1.43:1
4th ............1.00:1


Ratings at Axle Hubs:
Front: 27,000 lb [12,247 kg] Rear: 23,000 lb [10,432 kg] Total: 50,000 lb [40,823 kg]


164 in [4,166 mm]


Type: Steel Disc
Size: 20.00 x 10.00 in

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