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Today, Oshkosh Corporation is revered as a leading designer and manufacturer of the world’s toughest specialty trucks, truck bodies, and access equipment. No one understands extreme conditions like Oshkosh which is why no one builds fire response, emergency apparatus, defense vehicles, and commercial and access equipment better.


In the 1970’s Oshkosh produced it’s first leading snow removal vehicle, the Oshkosh WT-2206, that allowed the snow removal unit to clear an airport runway in one clean pass. This was achieved by allowing the plow to turn around at the end of the runway. Prior to this, conventional snow removal vehicles were forced to return to the starting point and make a second pass facing the same direction as the first pass. From this early innovation Oshkosh’s line of snow removal vehicles has expanded and continued to respond to the extreme needs of airports and cities around the world.

H-Series Chassis

The H-Series Chassis was built around the specific needs of those who manage extreme snow removal at airports around the globe. Advances in visibility, reliability, power and flexible accessory integration (blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms) come standard allowing you to respond to winter storms with force and without hesitation. Unmatched Oshkosh reliability and backed by  24/7 world-class service and support.

H-Series Blower

When you take to the runway with the Oshkosh H-Series Blower, you respond with power. Arming yourself with the exclusive Oshkosh high-speed blower lets you throw an incredible 5,000 tons of snow per hour, with a cast distance up to 200 feet. The H-Series Blower unleashes performance that’s as forceful as it is adaptable and accommodating. It’s everything you asked for, and more.

H-Series Road Blower

Remote mountain passes and roadways call for complete and cautious snow removal. The Oshkosh Road Blower features an all-new mechanical blower head that’s specifically designed for impassable roadways. Its planetary axles and high-power engine allow it to blow snow from .5 to 20 mph and allow the vehicle to creep along at slow speeds with tremendous power. With an available 700 horsepower blower engine, the Oshkosh Road Blower can step up to any DOT challenge and it’s high-altitude performance means nothing is off limits.

H-Series XF Broom

Designed with input from snow removal experts, the Oshkosh H-Series XF Broom is built for ultimate performance and innovation. Optional automatic functions make easy work of airport snow removal and save transition time at the end of the runway. Easy access to maintenance checkpoints and electrical components simplifies serviceability and maximizes uptime. This, along with unsurpassed visibility from the H-Series cab, ensures nothing gets in the way of your performance.

XT Tow Behind Broom

The pressure of pile-ups is off with Oshkosh’s heavy-duty Tow-Behind Broom. Available in widths of 18, 20 and 22 feet, the XT Tow-Behind Broom delivers high-speed snow removal and precision control. Broom positioning is managed with ease from the cab or broom engine enclosure, and an active weight transfer system helps ensure a proper broom pattern. Take control of the most extreme conditions.

XRS Extreme Runway System

The Oshkosh XRS Extreme Runway System  is a faster, simpler way to handle the most severe winter climate conditions. The sheer size is awe-inspiring, but it’s the capability that is most impressive. By combining a Plow, Blower, Sweeper and Air Blower in one unit, the runway clearing process is simplified. There’s less equipment, fewer operators and one platform for maintenance and training.

HT Tractor

In the ever-constant pursuit of finding faster, smarter, more effective means to clear runways, a growing number of airports are turning to multi-tasking equipment (MTE).  A rolling, 81,000-pound Swiss Army Knife, the Oshkosh HT-Series snow tractor does it all, delivering flexibility, maneuverability and savings that can’t be touched by any other multi-tasking equipment. Built with direct input from professionals like you, the HT-Series accepts a wide range of plows, under-body scrapers, material spreaders, tow-behind brooms or combinations of each to meet your airport’s unique challenges and maximize performance.

P & MPT Series

Unlike commercial vehicles that are merely adapted to plow snow, the P-Series and MPT-Series chassis are specially designed to attack the most severe winter conditions. Unstoppable workhorses for demanding snow removal operations, these vehicles are chock full of the muscle, durability, reliability and value that come with 50 years of Oshkosh expertise. These chassis can seamlessly integrate with a variety of plows, scrapers, bodies, de-icers and brooms to give airport crews the flexibility to respond to winter storms with full force.

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