Vyper Push Camera

Fresh from our Inspection Division, The Vyper is our newest product specifically designed for business owners who don’t have the starting capital but want to get into the inspection business! Very simple and easy to operate, this push camera features a 10.4 in. Monitor, a Self-Leveling Camera head that can inspect 2 to 12 in. pipe diameters, and an integrated Text-Writer. With such advanced and affordable features this system is a perfect match for sewer professionals looking for a high quality and reliable inspection device for the toughest jobs ahead of the curve.

The Vyper Push camera comes equipped with an Auxiliary External Battery Pack providing a 2 hr. operating range / time using a 15V Power Cord. The external battery can fit comfortably in the accessories bag attached to the reel frame; you won't even know you're carrying it!

Developed to meet the challenges of today’s industries, environments and applications, including Residential Plumbing, Municipal Collection Systems, Industrial Pipelines, and Commercial Applications. Backed and covered by JDC the Vyper Push Camera will give you years of reliable service while taking care of business. If you would like to know more about this incredible product and and would like to schedule a demo to see what it can do for you, give us a call today!


  • COMMAND MODULE: 24 – 48 Turn-Around Time
  • DISPLAY: 10.4in. LCD Monitor Display Screen
  • CAMERA: 1.3 in. Diameter | Self-Leveling | LED Light
  • RECORDER: Digital Video Recording to USB | Built-In HHD | Advanced Text-Writer
  • PUSH ROD: Heavy Duty | 200 ft. Max | Ideal for 2-12in. Pipe Traps & 90° Turns
  • BATTERY: Powered w/ 15V Power Cord (Battery Upgrade Available)
  • ADDITIONAL: Camera Removal Took Kit | 2 & 3 in. Skid Sleeves for 2.5-6 in. Pipeline Centering | Owner’s Manual | 8GB USB w/ How To Videos

External Battery Pack
Auxiliary External Battery Pack providing a 2 hr. operating range / time using a 15V Power Cord.

Quick Connect Centers
The Video Connector, USB Input, and Power Entry Ports are on the front of the case for easy access, helping you save time and money with quick setup and deployment times!

One-Touch USB Recording
The integrated “On-Demand” is a one-touch hands free remote control and records up to 20 ft. away. This system records to USB (Included) that allows you to easily upload to YouTube or email to customers.

Off-Road Wheels
10 in. diameter wheels allow easy pushing and pulling of the transport frame into any rugged terrains for job sites needing no limitations.

Flexi-Guard Spring
Flexi-Guard Spring technology allows 3 90° bends and turns while protecting the camera to allow for maximum inspection flexibility.

10.4 in. LCD Monitor
Inspect even the smallest details with a high resolution picture on a larger screen. Features include optimum viewing capabilities for night and day.

New Frame Design
Light-weight, heavy-duty and durable frame, this lateral design easily fits into tight spaces. Extremely easy to transport to and from job site this design is a must for operators needing efficient portability.

Premium Push Rod
Optimized for larger pipelines, longer runs, longer pushing this push rod will last longer for more inspections, saving money in the long-term for less repairs.

Self-Leveling Camera
Camera Size is 1.3 in. diameter with a self-leveling camera head. Inspect from 2 in. to 12 in. pipes. Get into more inspection with just one camera, fewer repairs, and fewer investments!


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