JDC MXL2 Locator

The MXL2 Locator: Higher Performance & Greater Safety

The new MXL2 Locator and MXT2 Transmitter are exclusively available through JDC and have been designed to set a new benchmark in excavating safety as well as delivering all the advantages need to get the job done right. These new products are loaded with new features which enable operators to find more buried utilities faster by delivering improved levels of performance and helping to reduce the effects of human error.

The MXL2 Pipe and Cable Locator is driven by powerful Digital Signal Processor Technology. Advanced software programming enables the MXL2 to attain performance levels previously associated with high end pipe and cable surveying instruments. The MXL2 delivers improved signal detection sensitivity and better noise rejection so the Locator is now capable of detecting and tracing the smallest of signals, even in areas of high service density and electrical noise.

The multi frequency MXL2 also benefits from the addition of the new simultaneous 33+131kHz detection signal which enables a broader range of utilities including smaller buried pipes and cables such as telecom's, sheathed fiber optic cable and street-lighting spurs to be detected.

Human error can be a contributory factor associated with cable strikes. To address this issue, intelligent features such as an Automatic Daily Self Test function and a dynamic Swing Sensor help ensure that the best working practices are adhered to and are being applied on-site. The Data Logging option can also provide an invaluable insight into working practices and help to identify key training requirements.

Using the MXT2 Transmitter with the MXL2 Locator maximises the full performance capabilities of the new Locator. The MXT’s class leading One Watt 4-level adjustable Power Output makes it possible to apply a detectable signal onto deeper and harder to detect pipes and cables for complex locate tasks.

A full range of C.Scope accessories are also available to provide the most effective solutions to all of your pipe and cable locating requirements. The NEW MXL2 and MXT2 are higher performance products designed to detect, trace and identify specific buried pipes and cables quickly, reliably and accurately.

MXL2 Locator

  • – Power Mode
  • – Radio Mode
  • - Transmitter Mode
  • – Simultaneous 33+131kHz Signal Detection for Utility Avoidance
  • – 8kHz Signal Detection for Tracing Over Long Distances
  • – Ultra Low 512/640Hz Signal Detection for Specialist Tracing
  • – All Scan Mode- Accurate Depth Indication
  • - Signal Current Measurement- Automatic Noise Rejection
  • - Dynamic Swing Sensor
  • - Automatic Daily Self Test
  • - Optional Data Logging of all Locator Activity
  • - Optional Bluetooth for High Accuracy GPS
  • - High Resolution Liquid Crystal Display
  • - 3 Year Warranty

MXT2 Transmitter

  • – One Watt 4-Level Adjustable Power Output
  • – Three Signal Outputs
  • – New Simultaneous 33+131kHz Signal
  • – 8kHz Signal
  • – 512 / 640Hz Signal
  • – Pulsed or Continuous Output Signal
  • - Three Signal Application Techniques
  • – Direct Connection
  • – Wraparound
  • – Induction
  • – High Resolution Liquid Crystal Display- Accessory Tray- 3 Year Warranty

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