Guzzler NX Industrial Vac

Guzzler NX

Get the job done faster with the machine that won’t quit.
The revolutionary industrial vacuum loader that dominates the job site has been simplified to work even harder. The Guzzler NX now provides the same great quality and productivity you expect, combined with the design improvements to create quieter operation and a new lower price, so you won’t have to work so hard to own one.

The Guzzler NX is engineered for safe, easy operation from the inside out. Whether you need to tackle solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, or heavy sludge, there’s only one machine designed to clean them all, then clean up after itself with the patented Vacuum Recovery (VR) Technology. Upgraded with a more powerful blower and the quietest operation in its class, the Guzzler NX provides total operator control over working speed, making it the most versatile machine on the market

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High Performance, Better Value
The Guzzler NX industrial vacuum loader has been designed for more efficient, easier operation from the inside out. Providing the same great quality, productivity and industry-leading performance the Guzzler NX vac truck features a modular design which lowers the unit’s overall weight for improved fuel economy and increased carrying capacity. Built for cleanup and recovery of a wide range of materials, this machine provides total operator control over working speed, making it the most versatile industrial vacuum loader on the market.

Quieter, More Powerful Blower
At the center of the Guzzler NX lies a Robuschi blower, which has been time and market-tested to deliver 5,435 (Free Air) CFM with vacuum capabilities up to 28 in. Hg. This powerful blower from a globally respected manufacturer, combined with simple air routing, means more air available at the hose inlet and more material moved. The injection-cooled blower comes standard with integrated safety shutdowns. The larger blower allows you to load more material at a lower engine RPM, conserving fuel and reducing noise levels. The quietest vacuum loader in its class, the Guzzler NX has Tested operating Sound Levels of 88.9 dB per SAE J1372 test.

Advanced Filtration, Innovative Air Routing
To maximize efficiency and reduce overall truck weight, without sacrificing loading capacity, the cyclone and baghouses are configured together. An increased filter area and offline cleaning extend bag life while forcing carryover back to the debris tank. The seventy-two 70 in. Bags provide a 4-to-1 air-to-cloth ration, the lowest in the industry, which keeps the system clean and filtered for reliable performance and greater productivity. The NX has the fewest leak points of any air mover, and has the lowest pressure drop across the filtration system of any machine.

Vacuum Recovery Technology
Designed for easier operation, VR technology incorporates automatic offline cleaning of the baghouse even during vacuum operations. Material is recovered into the debris tank while continuing to load material at the hose. The Guzzler NX alternately reclaims carry over material from both the baghouse and cyclones without stopping the workflow. Carryover material is automatically evacuated back to the debris tank at adjustable intervals for a self-cleaning system. The cleaning system is automatic and requires no activation by the operator. A manual override is included for applications that require forced cleaning.


  • Aluminum Plants
  • Bridge Painting
  • Cement Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Coal Plants
  • Foundries
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Grain Elevators
  • Lime Plants
  • Material Processing Plants
  • Metal Mining
  • Oil Refineries
  • Phosphate Plants
  • Power Generating Stations
  • Railroads
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Shipyards, docks
  • Steel mills
  • Waste-to-energy plants
  • Water treatment plants

Stage 1 | Debris Tank
Debris enters through the rear inlet port and is forced downward into the tank, where the bulk of it separates from the air stream. The residual debris suspended in the air stream then exits the debris tank as two separate air-streams and moves toward the two combination cyclone-baghouse chambers

Stage 2 | Cyclone & Baghouse
As the relatively clean air stream moves through the cyclone in a downward spiral, the remaining material is flung outward, hitting the cyclone walls, separating further from the air stream and moving down into the bottom of the chamber. The ten micron bags in the baghouse then capture any remaining fine particles.

Stage 3 | Strainer
The metal basket strainer catches any solid objects that can be dropped into the chambers during regular operation or during maintenance. The air moves from this strainer in the blower and exits out into the silencers. The air enters the right-hand side of the cylinders and exits from top, opening ports into the baffled sound attenuation chamber before it exits in the atmosphere.

Smart & Stable Debris Body

For added safety, the standard 18yd³ debris tank uses six adjustable, maintenance-free over center locks to close the rear door and ensure reliable, leak free performance. During offloading, only the tank rises with a full opening rear door for increased efficiency, added safety and stability. Plus, all material is unloaded from the tanks so you don't have to worry about cleaning out dump tubes.

Designed For Simple & Safe Operation

The Guzzler NX is intelligently designed with easily accessible control valves and filter components, clearly identified and individually grounded circuits, and solenoids located at ground level for ease and conveniences during operation and troubleshooting. Patented VR Technology eliminates the need to climb on top to clean, and the material return system doesn't have to be manually dug out upon overfilling the baghouse. Plus, disconnecting the pulsation hose is not required. Additional safety features include check valves on every cylinder and a ladder and catwalk for easy maintenance. During offloading, only the tank is raised, providing additional safety and stability.

Quality for the Long Haul

With a 30 year history of providing durable industrial vacuum trucks backed by FS Solutions centers nationwide, Guzzler products are made to last. A subframe provides added durability, improved weight distribution and less wear from torque on the chassis. With reduced gasket surface areas and chamber that don't share common walls, the Guzzler NX delivers great up time with fewer leak points and less maintenance. You can do your job with confidences, knowing the Guzzler NX has a high resales value and low warranty claims.

Increase Productivity With Multiple Off-Load Options

With the widest selection of offloading options of any manufacturer, Guzzler is here to assist you in finding the right off-loading solution for your needs.

High Dump Body

A heavy-duty, telescopic, hydraulic cylinder lifts the debris body upward and slightly backwards for extra clearance, allowing for the dumping of material directly into roll-off boxes up to 54 in. high.


Vertical Auger

The only machine with an isolation valve between the tank and auger for longer life and minimal cleanup, this option is the ultimate in controlled off-loading for any free-flowing wet or dry product. With variable hydraulic speed control, off-loading rates can be increased based on the material being moved.


Dense-Phase Off-Loading System

Dense-phase Offload is designed for reclaiming vacuumed material and can pressure off-load material back into the manufacturing process, or into silos as high as 120 ft. Adding this option to the Guzzler NX makes this the only machine that can reclaim and redistribute all of the material vacuumed.


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