Guzzler Classic Industrial Vac

Guzzler Classic

Guzzler Manufacturing, the world’s leader in industrial vacuum loaders, has been building and improving vacuum loaders for over 40 years. The updated Guzzler Classic (CL) is easy to operate, easy to maintain and built to last to a new level, featuring enhanced operator ergonomics and improved air routing, filtration and maintenance. What didn’t change was the legendary reliability and performance.

The Guzzler CL has a long history and solid reputation in the field as a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum loader that recovers, contains, and carries solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge from hard to reach areas. Designed from the ground up with input from customers, the updated Guzzler CL retains the signature look, performance, durability and reliability of the previous model to tackle the most
demanding wet/dry industrial cleaning applications.

The Guzzler CL (Classic) is a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials — from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries and thick sludge. Depending on material type, the Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader can operate effectively in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, this Guzzler vacuum truck provides 100-percent accessibility to all internal chambers, and provides the lowest air-to-cloth ratio of any machine in its class.

Guzzler CL

The Standard for Industrial Vacuuming

The Guzzler CL features enhanced operator ergonomics and improved air routing, filtration and maintenance. What didn’t change was the legendary reliability and performance our customers have come to expect from this industrial vacuum loader.

With a long history as the market leader and solid reputation in the field as a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum truck that recovers, contains, and carries solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge from hard to reach areas, the Guzzler CL was built from the ground up with input from customers.

Ideal for Oil & Gas Field Service

Operating efficiently in remote and inaccessible areas more than 1,000 feet away, the Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader is the perfect oilfield vacuum truck to tackle a variety of oil and gas field services, including:

  • Efficient drilling mud removal
  • Clean up and recover valuable raw material (solids, dry bulk powders, liquids)
  • Oil sludge and water removal
  • Frac tank cleaning and general tank cleaning
Vactor 2100+


  • Aluminum Plants
  • Bridge Painting
  • Cement Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Coal Plants
  • Foundries
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Grain Elevators
  • Lime Plants
  • Material Processing Plants
  • Metal Mining
  • Natural Disaster Clean-Up
  • Phosphate Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Pulp & Paper mills
  • Railroads
  • Shipyards & Docks
  • Steel Mills
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • Hydro-Excavation

Legendary Performance, ENHANCED


The Operator now has easier and safer access to the top of the Guzzler CL with a standard ladder, catwalk and railing. Controls are mounted in a single, fully sealed aluminum panel for easy monitoring.



Maintaining the 18-cubic-yard capacity, the updated Guzzler CL features an improved radial deflector design to improve material separation in the debris body. The linear wall connection from the cyclone to the baghouse has more than doubled in area, providing a more efficient airflow. The transition from the baghouse to the micro-strainer has been improved, including an elbow and square to round transition for less disruption to the air flow as it moves through the system, reducing pressure drop.



The baghouse and cyclone cleanout access doors have been enlarged by 68% for easier access. The smaller, but equally efficient cyclone design provides easier access to the drive line components that require greasing. If equipped with the boom option, the hydraulic and electrical components previously mounted on the boom have been relocated to eye level for easier access. Removing the electrical
components from the boom swing motion improves reliability.



The standard emergency stop (E-Stop) circuitry on the CL cuts power to disable the vacuum and hydraulics, and throttles the chassis engine down to idle. The Guzzler E-Stop is designed to protect both the equipment and operator by bringing equipment to a safe condition. For improved module grounding, the debris body, sub-frame and chassis are fully connected via a copper grounding strap, while an improved grounding cable clamp grounds the module components to their grounding location.



Finding balance between filtration and productivity is what the Guzzler CL is all about. And, with improved air-routing features it maintains the lowest pressure drop of any machine in its class, delivering the air where you need it. In the new Guzzler CL, with the new radial diversion wing design, the material separation in the debris body has been improved. The cyclone size has been modified to create room to store the telescopic boom with hose attached, also allowing for easier access to grease points. The linear wall connecting the cyclone to the baghouse has been doubled in area, so the air can move with less interruptions transitioning between these two components. Fewer interruptions results in greater performance. The Guzzler Classic’s filtration system can be viewed in four stages.

FIRST STAGE | Debris Body
As vacuumed material enters the 18-cubic-yard (13.76 cubic meter) debris body, air speed slows. This allows gravity to help the improved pre-filter radial diversion wing remove the bulk of material by deflecting particles to the bottom of the tank, allowing the same filtration efficiency as loading through a top port without the pressure drop.

SECOND STAGE | Cyclone Chamber
From the debris body, the air flows to the secondary pre-filter — the cyclone chamber — where centrifugal force hurls the denser particles to the cyclone wall and spirals them downward into the collection hopper. Material collected in this chamber is dumped simultaneously when the debris body is discharged. During wet vacuuming, this pre-filter serves as a highly efficient demister, extracting moisture from the airstream.

THIRD STAGE | Baghouse
The primary and secondary pre-filters remove 98% of all material from the airstream. All remaining particles are removed in the baghouse. Sixty 70” (1778 mm) Dacron filter bags deliver an air-to-cloth ratio of 9.94:1. Material collected in the baghouse hopper is dumped simultaneously with the main payload compartment. The transition from the baghouse to the micro-strainer has been improved, including an elbow and square-to-round transition for less air flow turbulence.

FINAL STAGE | Strainer
Final vacuum pump protection is provided by the micro-strainer. This is the safety drop-out point for any items that may have entered the system during servicing. A fine mesh screen prevents foreign objects from entering the blower.


The Guzzler CL modular design allows you to select an offloading solution for your specific needs, so you get minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Guzzler offers the widest selection of configurations of any manufacturer.

Rear Door-Mounted Sludge Pump

4 in (101.6 mm) removable, hydraulically driven pumphead is ideal for unloading sludges from the debris body and may be used during vacuuming.



Original, patented system with unique swing-out cyclone allows material discharge into collection vessels while vacuuming.


High-Rail System

Available in three configurations, this option can be as simple as adding high-rail gear to a standard Guzzler. Or choose a fully equipped high-rail cleaning system that features a loading boom, hydraulic creep drive and rear-mounted operator chair, where complete operation can be achieved from a single position while loading or driving over the rails.



Telescoping Boom

The optional telescoping boom has been improved for increased lifting capacity. The pendant length reaches 55 ft (16.8 m) to give total access around the unit. The lifting geometry has changed so that the hose pivots at the mid-point to provide longer hose life. The telescoping boom can be stored with the hose attached for greater convenience between locations and transporting.


Vane Pressure Off-Load System

The vane off-loading system utilizes a liquid ring vane pump to pressurize the debris body to a maximum of 14.5 psi to offload material. Ideal for liquids and slurries. The liquid ring vane pump can also be used to create a vacuum of up to 28.5” Hg. in the debris body for vacuum loading of liquids and slurries.


Full-Opening Rear Door

The Guzzler CL is now available with an optional full opening rear door. This allows for improved dumping by providing a greater area for material to pass. The optional door also provides the operator greater access and cleanability to the inside of the debris body. The full door option fills the need for additional offloading options previously unavailable with the Guzzler Classic.


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