Elgin Crosswind Sweeper

Elgin Crosswind Regenerative Air Sweeper
Regenerative air sweepers give contractors, municipalities and airports a powerful sweeper with unequaled versatility, flexibility and productivity, and none are made with higher sweeper standards than the Elgin Crosswind. These sweepers efficiently clean large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Easy to operate and simple to maintain, these road sweepers are made to traverse large areas. Mounted on the short-wheelbase of either conventional or cab-over chassis, the Elgin Crosswind is operated by simple rocker switches and comes with a complete set of gauges. A combination of large hopper and water tank, plus excellent fuel efficiency, allow these sweepers long periods between trips to dumping, re-watering and fueling.

The Crosswind is now available as an optional alternative fuel sweeper using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The Elgin Crosswind is specially suited for general street sweeping maintenance, large flat surfaces, leaves and light road debris applications. The Crosswind sweeper is also effective in frequent maintenance of permeable pavement. This sweeper is versatile and can easily pick up litter, chip and seal. The large pickup head makes it desirable for many applications.


  • Auxiliary Engine: John Deere 4045TF (115hp)
  • Powerful Blower: Constructed of HARDOX Brand Steel for Max. Service Life
  • Dumping Height: Ground Level
  • Sweeping Path Max: 12 ft. | 3658 mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 8 cu. yd. | 6 m³
  • Water Capacity: 240 gal | 908 Liters
  • Dump Location: Rear
  • Chassis: Conventional or Cab-Over
  • Travel Speed: Highway Speeds
Vactor 2100+


Efficient air flow, including a superior vacuum source and air routing path, is at the heart of the Whirlwind.

High volume air flow at high velocity results in exceptional one-pass pickup while eliminating plugging that can occur in similar type sweepers.

A nine-vane closed face turbine fan is powered by a turbo-charged diesel auxiliary engine for maximum airflow.

Vactor 2100+
Vactor 2100+

The Whirlwind’s versatile sweep path picks up debris close to the curb and across the widest expanse of road in its class. The sweep system includes one or two suction nozzles, trailing arm side brooms, and a centrally-mounted extension broom. You can choose 28 in (711 mm) or 36 in (914 mm) diameter trailing arm side brooms that can be operated individually or simultaneously for a sweep path of up to 144 in (3658 mm)*. Choose between single or dual 32 in (813 cm) welded-steel suction nozzles that can be operated individually or simultaneously. The 11 in (280 mm) diameter suction hose accepts large debris. Quick disconnect allows an operator to inspect and clean the hose intake without raising the hopper.

The Crosswind featuring patent-pending shared power system is a Tier 4i compliant solution that delivers proven performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and lower noise levels at engine rated speeds. The system was developed to share chassis power when using a 74 hp auxiliary engine to ensure maintenance of outstanding sweep performance while providing a simple emission compliant solution that doesn’t involve complex, higher maintenance, and expensive exhaust after treatment devices. Typically the chassis engine is underutilized while sweeping. Eco-Infused Shared Power technology taps into that unused potential and allows power to be hydraulically transferred to and shared with the auxiliary engine. Power can also come from regenerative braking. Using a transmission mounted PTO, energy normally lost to vehicle momentum while sweeping on downhill grades or coasting can be reclaimed and immediately applied back into the sweeper system. The contribution is similar to a hybrid drive system that reclaims energy lost to braking, and boosting fuel economy.


Proper use of water is essential for dust suppression, sweeping performance, and longevity of sweeper components. Two heavy-duty water pumps – one for the right-hand suction nozzle, side broom, and extension broom, and one for the left-hand suction nozzle and side broom – are capable of run-dry operation. Two durable polyethylene water tanks provide 335 gal (1268 L) of water to up to24* high quality, agricultural grade water nozzles in easy-to-access locations. High/low selectable pump speeds allow for application-dependent dust suppression

Vactor 2100+

Large access doors allow for quick and easy inspection without tilting the hopper. The engine oil and pneumatic pressure can be checked, hydraulic filter changed, and the fan bearings greased. The hydraulic system with o-ring face seal fittings is designed for long life and leak-free operation. Heavy-duty, waterproof electrical connectors and color-coded wires have stamped identification for quick location during troubleshooting.


A single or dual 32 in. (813mm) abrasion-resistant suction nozzle are available. Each nozzle covers 174 in² (1123cm²) and extends 15 in. (381mm) beyond the tire’s track for increased performance closer to the curb. The 11 in. (279mm)diameter suction hose accepts large debris. The suction nozzle rides on the two heavy-duty pivoting caster wheels allowing ti to track, staying in the path of the debris and following road contours. The suction nozzles are equipped with a front-mounted shutter that allows easy entry of larger / bulky object and large quantities of leaves.


Power to the sweep system is provided by a reliable, powerful, and fuel efficient John Deere® 4045T diesel engine rated at 115 HP (86kW) @ 2400 RPM. Standard equipment includes auto-shutdown.

Vactor 2100+


The high velocity, 9-vane blower generates the necessary airflow to convey the debris from the suction nozzle into the hopper and vacuum needed to overcome any restrictions such as rocks or bulky debris. More power means one- pass pickup, increasing operator productivity. The vanes are constructed of Hardox brand steel for durability and maximum service life.


The 8 yd³(6 m³) capacity hopper provides extended sweeping time. Abrasion-resistant steel inlet deflector(s) direct debris flow to the center of the hopper for even,efficient material loading and maximum capacity utilization.

The sweeper mounts on dual-steer conventional or cab-over chassis with short wheelbases, enabling a tight turn radius for better reach in cul-de-sac sweeping and greater maneuverability around corners. The standard auto-pickup in reverse allows for quick change of sweeping locations.

Choose between 28 in (711 mm) or 36 in (914 mm) diameter trailing arm side broom(s) that can be operated individually or simultaneously for a 144 in (3658 mm)sweep path. The trailing arm design provides special 4-way action to closely follow road contours, provide inward safety for obstacles, and maintain a consistent broom angle even as the broom starts to wear. Digging pressure is adjustable in-cab.

The auxiliary engine, water system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system components can be easily accessed behind two full-service doors, without tilting the hopper.

Up to 20 spray nozzles are located at the side brooms and inside the suction nozzles. The extension broom has4 rubber mounted, quick-disconnect spray nozzles for easy cleaning and maintenance. The spray system is powered by two water pumps, one for each side of the sweeper. The pumps are controlled in-cab, with high/low settings to adjust for sweeping conditions. Two durable polyethylene water tanks provide 335 gal (1268 L) of water. Additional water options available.


All sweep and water functions use rocker switches located on a centrally-mounted console for easy operation from either operator position. Air regulators provide positive side broom down- pressure and separate switches control the in/out and up/down function. Easy-to-read gauges provide quick assessment of all sweep and engine systems. A standard back-up camera and alarm enhance operator and sweeper safety.


Elgin’s Memory Sweepsystem allows the operator to resume all previous sweep settings, even broom tilt (if so equipped), with one-touch control to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue. It incorporates a multi-screen display that indicates system diagnostics, engine hours, water level, and optional features such as broom tilt angle and broom hours.


The 8 cubic yard (6 cubic meter) hopper is constructed of 10 gauge steel walls, a ¼ inch (6.35 mm) thick steel floor with easy drop- down screens for quick cleanup. A 50 degree tilt angle ensures efficient dumping. Hopper controls are safely accessible on the curb side of the sweeper and conveniently located in-cab for quick unloading of the hopper.



Environmentally Sound, Clean Burning Alternative Fuel Option
The Crosswind is available powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The alternative fueled dual engine Crosswind is mounted on a commercial conventional or cab-over chassis powered by a Cummins Westport ISL-G engine. The sweeper is powered by a General Motors 5.7 l V8 engine which allows for excellent fuel economy with an impressive power to weight ratio. The engines share four 3600 psi composite reinforced cylinder fuel tanks with a 60 DGE capacity.


Top Performance On & Off the Runway
If you need top performance for airport applications, the Crosswind FSX is for you. With a unique pickup head, at 15 mph (24 km/h) the FSX can sweep 950,000 sq. ft. (88,255 sq. m) of runway per hour, and sweeps tarmac, gate areas and access roadways at slower speeds. Results are tested and proven. Special options are available including: poly side brooms, a high-performance cast aluminum side air blast nozzle, pick-up head casters, and a heavy duty magnet mounted to front bumper.


Glycol Recovery Sweeper
The Crosswind GRS is ideal for sweeping debris and removing environmentally damaging glycol and other deicing fluid runoff on runways and gate locations. The GRS does not require any modifications when switching from sweeping debris to glycol removal in snow and ice conditions.The system features a blower enhanced with a flow blocker system toallow for quick glycol unloading. Specially designed baffles in the hopper help reduce liquid slosh without impeding sweeping or dumping operations. The hopper capacity is 750 gal (2839 L).


Racetrack Cleaning & Drying

The Crosswind Specialty Track Sweeper was engineered with input from race track officials. It includes features for racetrack sweeping and maintenance,including a hydraulically-driven, plastic bristle side broom on one side and a high-performance cast aluminum air blast nozzle on the other. The Track Sweeper can clean a wide, 117 in (2972 mm) path with its side broom and pickup head. Its side air blast nozzle can blow debris off the track for distances up to 50 ft (15.24 m). The Track Sweeper quickly and efficiently removes standing water, rubber,and debris from in and around the pit area for the overall safety of the racers, their crews, and spectators. It features an internal dust suppression system to reduce airborne dust and prevent water from being applied directly to the racing surface.

Optional Enhancements


The versatile, hydraulic-assist hose gets into hard-to-reach places and is effective in catch basin cleaning. It handles multiple tubes for especially deep catch basin cleaning.


The LifeLiner Hopper liner and finish system greatly improves the life, durability, and dumping functionality of a sweeper hopper. It is backed by a lifetime warranty.


This complete hopper body is constructed entirely of 304 grade stainless steel to provide maximum service life, even in the most corrosive applications.


    – Center Broom
  • – Memory Sweep
  • – Side Broom Tilt
  • – High Pressure Washdown / High Pressure Pump
  • – Front Spray Bar
  • – Hopper Deluge
  • – Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump
  • – PM-10 Compliant
  • – Full-Side Broom Retract
  • – In-Cab Hopper Dump
  • – Variable Speed Side Brooms
  • – Full-width Magnet
  • – Rotating Beacon
  • – Auxiliary Lighting Packages
  • – In-cab Control for Vacuum Enhancer
  • – Broom Hour Meter
  • – Additional Water: 140 gal (530L), 280 gal (1060L), 360 gal (1363L)
  • – R or L Inspection Door
  • – Cast Aluminum Side Air Blast
  • – Enhanced Water Control

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