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Here is a short video of the Panorama SI Manhole Scanner scanning a 60 foot Wet Well in the Ottawa area. This unit isn't optimized for such a wide underground structure, but still has a pretty impressive 360 degree viewing angle. Just think of the safety concerns, equipment setup, specialized training, people and amount of time it would take to investigate this type of underground structure. The Panorama SI does it in under 4 minutes! We accessed the files with the free viewer included with the machine.

You can read more about the Panorama SI Digital Manhole scanner on its Equipment page!


Here is a great article on Jack Doheny and an overview of the business in Energy Executive!

Check it out here -- Article


IBAK – The Horse


Check out this video of an IBAK T76 tractor pulling over 4 tons from our friends at VTC!  It is mounted on “the horse”, which provides weight and height, but DOES NOT have additional motors.  This van had 20 people in it! Can your Pipeline Camera solution do this?


If you are interested in IBAK products please visit there product page on our site here!

Thanks to our friends at Vacuum Trucks of Canada for the link!


JetView Product Information

JetView is a simple wireless video transmission system that will let your truck operators see inside the pipeline in real time up to 1200 feet from Camera Truck to Vac Truck.  The Vac Truck operator will see the same video that the camera operator sees in real-time on the Portable JetView display receiver! Works on any Camera Truck and Vac Truck system. Simple to install and provide a first-person perspective for the Vac Truck Operator. Why clean or cut your pipes blind? JetView is a very cost effective and easy to use solution!  

If you would like to learn more please give us a call today at 888-936-4369

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