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Jack Doheny Companies is proud to now offer the NEW Mini-Cam PROTEUS, an entry-level modular crawler and battery powered pipeline inspection system for sale and rentals. A robust, lightweight, and extremely powerful 6-wheel drive steerable crawler, the PROTEUS offers everything needed for the professional pipeline inspection operator.

PROTEUS features CAN bus technology, allowing communication directly between each piece of attached equipment, such as relay control, status information, activity, speed, pressure, inclination and temperature.


Key Features Include:


Manual Elevator

The in-built elevator device allows for quick and easy centering of the camera in pipe sizes up to 600mm.


Optional Camera Heads & Auxiliary Light

Both cameras have extremely powerful LED lights. Choose from the Axial Camera option or the Pan and Rotate with a full 360° range of rotation. The additional Auxiliary Light features a built-in color rear view camera to aid when reversing the crawler.


Quick-Change Wheel Lock

Designed and developed exclusively by Mini-Cam, this patent pending wheel lock device makes changing wheels quick and easy.


Optional Large Wheels

4 different size wheel options allow the crawler to be centered in pipe sizes from 150mm to 600mm.


Built-In Lowering Device

Allows for fast and easy Operator deployment and retrieval of crawler.


Heavy-Duty Connector

This robust and extremely rugged heavy-duty connector features Mini-Cam's patent pending lock system which requires no tools to connect and disconnect

MiniCam PROTEUS Cable Reels_static

Cable Reels

Mini-Cam's manually operated cable reels can hold up to 300 Meters of cable, allowing for longer inspection distances from a single setup.

MiniCam PROTEUS ControlUnit_static

Digital Control Unit

The Proteus Central Control Unit (CCU) has numerous features that would normally only be found on more expensive systems such as:

  • - Twin Joysticks
    - Crawler Cruise Control
    - MPEG-4 Recording
    - JPEG Still Image Capture
    - Intuitive Hot Keys
    - Twin USB Ports

Reporting Software

Proteus can be equipped with ProPipe or WinCan V8 reporting software, saving time, money and increasing your productivity. Various system configurations can be adopted to suit individual requirements, making Proteus a truly modular and affordable system.

If you would like to learn more about the Mini-Cam PROTEUS give our Pipeline Inspection Division a call today at 888-936-4369

Detroit’s Adopt-A-Park Initiative

Jack Doheny Companies (JDC), is a proud participant in Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s 2014 Adopt-A-Park initiative. JDC was among over 90 other companies, churches and community groups that participated in the cleaning and renovation of over 200 parks in the city of Detroit. The Military-Regular Park, a 1.66 acre park located in the heart of Detroit, was assigned to JDC and Greater Apostolic Faith Temple.


UPDATE: After many hours of hard work from JDC employees and volunteers the park is now finished with new playground equipment and mulch bedding!


Volunteers cleared away 8 loads of 30 yard dumpsters filled with scrap, vegetation, bricks, rocks and debris. The park was leveled and 190+ wooden bollards were installed to create a safe barrier around the park. The city of Detroit is in the process of installing more than $250K in playground equipment, walking paths, picnic tables, barbecues and lighting.

More Updates to Come!


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For over 20 years Mini-Cam Ltd has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of Pipeline Inspection Systems throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Their growing reputation due to the high quality of their products has brought Jack Doheny Companies to join their International Dealer Network and bring the Mini-Cam PROTEUS to the United States and Canada. Jack Doheny Companies will help provide sales, equipment service, and customer support for all of North America starting in 2015.

Mini-Cam's industry knowledge, experience and customer feedback have enabled them to continuously innovate and develop leading solutions for challenging environments, producing smart, user-friendly, durable, high-quality systems at very affordable prices. Their own custom design & manufacturing facilities provide them with a quality control process of the highest order.

Jack Doheny Companies can now offer a complete range of innovative systems for every need of your pipeline inspection requirements, with room to expand and upgrade your equipment as your budget grows.


To learn more or request a demo to see what the Mini-Cam PROTEUS can do for you call us today at 888-936-4369


A Word From JDC's  Inspection Division Director

Not many people can say they work at a company that is dedicated to selling and servicing only the best equipment that money can buy.  In his 25th year of employment with Jack Doheny Companies Doug Kamienecki though can honestly say that he is one of those people:

"I am proud that from day one, I have been given the opportunity to represent only the finest, world class pipeline inspection equipment available.  Jack Doheny Companies was just awarded “Dealer of the Year” from Rapidview / IBAK North America for the 8th year in a row and we will continue to be their largest dealer for many years to come.

To help augment our lineup of pipeline inspection equipment offerings, we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Mini-Cam, UK.  Manufacturing the Proteus brand of mainline inspection systems, the first truly portable, battery operated inspection system ever offered.  We are proud to be the distributor in all of North America."

- Doug Kamienecki, Inspection Division Director

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winterizing your vehicle can help prepare your equipment for winter storage. Many types of equipment are damaged each year due to improper tank and water system draining required to prevent the accumulation of ice in cold weather conditions. The following overview will help you prevent ice from forming in your equipment:

1. Move your vehicle to a suitable location for draining. If you suspect ice has formed within you water system then transport to a heated area and allow the water system to warm completely before use.


2. Make sure your vehicle is turned off and open drains in all water tanks and allow tanks to empty. Remove Y-strainers at fill and water pump suction and other options if so equipped.


3. Remove quick disconnect from hand gun outlet(s).


4. Start vehicle engine and leave at idle and then engage hydraulic pump.


5. Open both high pressure ball valves on the hose reel.


6. REMOVE rodder nozzle and SECURE hose end to an adjacent hose loop so reel can rotate. Point the hose end towards the ground as ice and water may be ejected while running rodder pump


7. Turn OFF water pump.


8. Rotate Hose reel clockwise direction to expel any water in hose.


9. Drain high pressure water gun.


10. Remove drain plugs for optional debris body wash out system.


11. Open optional gate valve to water pump.


12. Locate heat exchanger in water pump suction and open valves.


The World’s First Quadcopter

Today’s Quadcopter’s are looking a lot like the U.S. military’s first attempt at creating a helicopter. George de Bothezat, a Russian American engineer and businessman, created the first helicopter that the U.S. military took seriously, leading them to giving him a contract for $20,000 in 1921.

As part of this contract, he had to “design, construct and supervise flight tests of a helicopter”. He had seven months to do this. “The machine he built was a quadcopter, 10 feet high and in the shape of a cross, each one 65 feet long, with a six-bladed rotor on either end. The engine went in the middle, with the pilot. It took much longer than seven months—it did not fly until December of 1922”.

Unfortunately, the Air service lost interest in Bothezat’s helicopter after a few years and it wasn’t until two decades later that another Russian engineer, Igor Sikorsky, designed the first helicopter that the military would actually use.



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