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You're invited to attend the 7th Biennial IBAK / RapidView SeptemberFest!

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Make Sure to Take Advantage of Block Lodging Rates by August 31st, 2017!

If you plan on bringing your RapidView IBAK TV Truck or Trailer, Register by Sept. 8th, 2017 and RapidView will pay your hotel room for one night! Please Call (800) 6565-4225 to Make Arrangements Prior to Registration Deadline!

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Vactor Manufacturing has been the industry leader in sewer cleaning a vacuum truck excavation for almost 50 years with over 16,000 combination sewer cleaners put into service.

The vactor 2100 plus has proven over years of testing and in field research to be the best in class product above all other products.


Water pump can be engaged or disengaged at any speed without damage

Pump can operate without the need of water for lubrication and cooling

Pump operates at slower speed reducing maintenance cost and increasing life

Multi Flow allows for a range of operating modes 10-120 GPM and 500 – 2500 PSI for maximum performance and reduced fuel and water consumption

Easy winterization and recirculation system protects pump and water lines between jobs


The Vactor Combination Recycler is easily operated from the front hose reel of the truck.

With its complete automated system the truck requires little monitoring of the system by the operator.

The trucks self-cleaning mechanism keeps the truck operating longer while simultaneously jetting.


The Vactor Combination Recycler is designed and proven to save tonnes of gallons of water during each shift of operation. This reduces water cost, time required to retrieve water, setup and teardown time, and the need to decant while its self-cleaning system keep the recycler in constant operation.


The design of the Vactor Combination Recycler puts all working parts out the outside of the debris reducing any wear.  Without the need to ever enter the debris body all future maintenance is easily accessible.

If you would like to find out more information about the Vactor Recycler,

Please Call Our Team Today At 1-888-936-4369!