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Thank You to All Attendees for Making the JDC 500 a Hit!

What a fantastic evening it was at the JDC 500 hosted at the I-96 Speedway on Friday. It was a fun filled evening of Michigan Dirt Cup Racing!

We were joined by 180 of our valued customers for refreshments and a delicious pig roast that was the heart of the party as people wandered and explored. The kids especially loved the equipment, being able to honk the horns on the Vactors and seeing what trucks their parents work with. They also had a blast playing heated battles of corn hole and horseshoes.  We even had perfect weather!

The Michigan Dirt Cup Racing began at 7pm, with some thrilling competition and exciting finishes.  Making the day even more fun was our official pace truck, the Vactor 2110 Combination Sewer Cleaner. The night ended with a stunning fireworks display that lit up the night sky as a fitting finale for such a fun day.
We enjoyed answering all of your questions about our equipment here at Jack Doheny Companies and had a thrill being able to provide a fun event for our customers and their families!
A special thanks to the I-96 Speedway for hosting such a successful event and we hope you all enjoyed the JDC 500 just as much as we did!

Fixing A Valve Box Just Got Easier

Fixing broken valve boxes has always been a time consuming task for most departments, so what if you could reduce 10 working hours to just 10 minutes? What if you could eliminate the hassles that come with closing busy streets for long periods of time?

With the Kerf Cutter, you can!

The Kerf Cutter provides municipal water and street departments an efficient solution for repairing broken valve boxes. With three easy steps: Cut, Extract, and Insert, the Kerf Cutter will cut out and extract the broken section of the box enabling you to insert a male repair sleeve. No more cutting the asphalt, digging out the broken section, filling the hole and patching the pavement only to see the road settle months later to create a roadway obstruction.

The Kerf Cutter provides you with the ability to drastically reduce time spent on a job, and more importantly eliminate roadway shutdowns that can cause traffic congestion!

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Kerf Cutter Valve Box Repair Tool Kit:

  • 1 Kerf Cutter w/ Bosch Motor 110Volt, 15 AMP
  • 1 Basket Guide & Ring w/ Spring Loaded Guide Mast
  • 1 Puller w/ Heavy Duty Pull Strap
  • 1 Hard-Sided Case w/ Foam Insert
  • 10 Cutting Wheels
  • 1 Wheel Changing Wrench & Blade Adapter.
  • TOTAL PRICE: $3,500.00

Gate Valve Repair & Replacement: A 3-Step Process


Can't get enough of the Kerf Cutter? Well check out these videos to see in-depth how it all works!


Is Your Drainage System Prepared for Summer Storms?

We have all experienced that feeling before a storm. The sky turns an angry grey, the air is humid and sticky and no-one wants to be driving down the highway as those thick clouds cover the horizon. We all rush to be inside yet we stare out the window counting the seconds between the rolls of thunder and bright flashes of lightning. Rain comes gushing down and feels like it’s never going to stop.

Have you ever wondered where that rain water ends up – when your street is one giant puddle, and there is simply too much for your green lawn to absorb? It washes straight down a storm drain, a system designed to transport excess storm water, untreated, into rivers or streams.

This system runs smoothly most of the time, but on occasion these drains fail to manage the vast quantity of water flowing into them, causing floods on the roads and streets. The real problem sets in when the vast water flow drags debris, sediment and chemicals into the drain system and blockages start to occur.

Picture driving down a busy highway during a storm; visibility is low, roads are slippery and in front of you a huge pool of water is rapidly forming. It becomes a serious hazard. Drivers begin breaking to avoid rising water flooding their engines. The risk of accidents drastically increases and your safety is compromised. Dirty water fills the highway and experts have to be called upon to treat the blockage.

As we all know, this is storm season for many states across the USA. Central and Southeast Texas are currently under a flood advisory and have already been subject to a string of torrential rain that has failed to wash away through storm drain systems. Southeast Texas in particular have seen record floods, with the most water covering their streets in over a century.

South Mississippi also suffered flash floods at the end of April and residents are left cleaning up the devastation. Homes are ruined and cars have been swept off the road.

Other areas affected by severe rainfall this year include: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, Missouri, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, and more!

What can we do to prevent storms from devastating the lives of so many?

Preventative Measures for Overflowing Storm Drains

  • Storm drain lines need to be cleaned regularly in order to reduce the amount of debris, trash, and chemicals flowing into both the storm drain system and in receiving waters. When anything other than water is drained through the system it can settle at the bottom of the big diameter pipes, significantly reducing the capacity to efficiently carry excess water during a storm.
  • The perfect machine for the job:
  • With its powerful water flow and variety of available cleaning nozzles, the Vactor 2100 Series combination sewer cleaner is ideally suited to flush the lines and remove debris from storm systems and ensure proper operation.
  • With ergonomic controls, this combination sewer cleaner was designed specifically for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning waste-water and sanitary systems. Everything the operator needs to clean a storm drain is centrally located at the front of the sewer cleaner as well as a convenient side operation station for maximum productivity and efficiency. The hose reel and controls are located at the front of the unit for increased productivity and safety.  In addition, the rotating hose reel creates a flexible, expansive work area that works in combination with the 180º rotating vacuum boom.

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