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Let’s Celebrate the People of Public Works for NPWW 2016!

May 15th – 21st

The American Public Works Association (APWA) has been sponsoring the National Public Works Week (NPWW) since 1960 and each year it continues to grow. Jack Doheny Companies is proud to be one of the 29,000 members and we are excited for this year’s celebration.

APWA stand to educate the general public about the value and necessities of public works, and the association tells us what the week is all about:

“NPWW is a celebration of the tens of thousands of men and women in North America who provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works.”

Without public works our communities would not survive and their efforts deserve to be recognized. Our schools, hospitals, transport infrastructures and many more assets would quite simply crumble if they were not taken care of. NPWW gives everyone the chance to appreciate the people of public works.

Our Role in Public Works

Jack Doheny Companies has worked closely with many in the public works sector and we can’t thank them enough for their dedication and professionalism. We are proud to be able to provide the equipment that the public works employees use to perform their jobs for our communities, including sewer cleaners, jetters, street sweepers and pipeline inspection equipment.
Not only do we provide the equipment, we also provide the necessary parts and services to keep the equipment in optimal working condition. Our very own training institute, Doheny Technical Institute, offers a variety of classes for public works employees to keep them operating safe and efficient.
In emergency situations public works professionals can utilize the nation’s largest rental fleet to get equipment whenever and wherever needed.



Our Parts Catalog Is Now Ready To View Online!

The Jack Doheny Companies Parts Catalog and all of its contents are now available to view on our website! If you would prefer a hard copy, please call our team to request one and we’ll get it sent out.

We are here to make your life easier and we will do anything we can to help improve your business and its services. Our extensive range of Sewer Cleaning, Vacuum Excavation, Industrial Vacuum, and DOT Liquid Vacuum parts are available for exactly that reason and you can now view them all in one place!

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