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The New Vyper Push Camera:

Jack Doheny Companies Inspection Division is excited to release the new Vyper Push Camera! Our newest product specifically designed for business owners who don’t have the starting capital but want to get into the inspection business.

Very simple and easy to operate, this push camera features a 10.4 in. Monitor, a Self-Leveling Camera head that can inspect  2 to 12 in. pipe diameters, and an integrated Text-Writer. With such advanced and affordable features this system is a perfect match for sewer professionals looking for a high quality and reliable inspection device for the toughest jobs ahead of the curve.

The Vyper Push Camera System was developed to meet the challenges of today’s industries, environments and applications. Backed and covered by JDC the Vyper will give you years of reliable service, all while taking care of business.

If you would like to know more about our new product or would like to schedule a demo, give our Inspection Division a call today!

The Vyper Push camera comes equipped with an Auxiliary External Battery Pack providing a 2 hr. operating range / time using a 15V Power Cord. The external battery can fit comfortably in the accessories bag attached to the reel frame; you won't even know you're carrying it!

The JDC Vyper Features

  • Quick Connect Centers for easy access
  • One-Touch USB Recording with “On-Demand” hands free remote control
  • Off-Road Wheels with 10 in. diameter
  • Flexi-Guard Spring technology to allow maximum inspection flexibility
  • 10.4 in. High Resolution LCD Monitor
  • New lightweight, heavy-duty frame design
  • Premium Push Rod
  • Self-Leveling Camera

Just a few reasons why the Vyper Push Camera is the perfect solution for your inspection business!



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Do You Feel The Need For Speed?

Then join Jack Doheny Companies at the JDC 500! The JDC 500 is a FREE night at the I-96 Speedway where you can enjoy the best racing the Michigan Dirt Cup Modified tour has to offer. Bring your family and enjoy food, drinks and hospitality from the JDC Team!

When: June 17th, 2016
Where: I-96 Speedway 
3823 West Portland Road
Lake Odessa, Michigan 48849
Time: 4:00pm


Come early and see the latest equipment that Jack Doheny
has to offer and mingle with JDC employees!


The World’s Smallest Lateral, Mainline & Pan / Tilt Camera

Jack Doheny Companies is now offering the latest miniature pipeline inspection camera from Rapidview / IBAK. As the name gives it away, the NANO is a neat and compact camera with an attractively small exterior. Pushrod, tractor and lateral launch capable the NANO has many features that make it a great choice for a range of applications.

Features include: laser measurement, integrated location transmitter, bright LED lights, pressure regulation, and a full pan and tilt functionality.

While the NANO is capable of traveling in pipelines as small as 2 in. in diameter, you will not be giving up power or flexibility with this camera. We are certain that the technological sophistication of this camera will impress you, and potentially open up new opportunities for your business or inspection program.

For more information on the IBAK NANO Pan & Tilt Camera, call our Pipeline Inspection Division today!


Miniaturization NOT Simplification

As technology advances our tools should become smaller and easier to use. The NANO Pan & Tilt Camera embraces this philosophy and is the first very small diameter camera to provide all the features you expect in larger cameras.

Lateral Launch Flexibility

The NANO is perfect for LISY Lateral Launching. The smaller camera when used with our more flexible pushrods, will allow you to more easily launch “backwards” into laterals when traveling against the flow. The small size also means you can push around obstacles and pipe bends much easier.

For More Info Click Here or to Schedule a Demo Please Call Our Pipeline Inspection Team Today at 1-888-936-4369!

Introducing the Next Generation of Internal Pipe Sealing Systems from Pipe-Robo-Tec

Jack Doheny Companies is proud to now offer Pipe-Robo-Tec USA joint seals and sleeves for our pipeline inspection and rehabilitation customers!

Designed to reinforce troublesome pipe joints and provide a watertight seal in municipal piping systems, the Pipe-Robo-Tec internal pipe sealing system utilizes the CCTV camera equipment you already have deployed in the field.

Made of long lasting, corrosion resistant stainless steel and compression sealing EPDM, Pipe-Robo-Tec USA products are approved for use in a wide range of pipeline rehabilitation applications.

The perfect tools for repairing longitudinal, radial, and transverse cracks, along with repairing damage from root penetration, broken fragments, and socket end leaks, Pipe-Robo-Tec's ingenious patented design allows sleeves and joint seals to correct problems in RCP, Non-RCP, Clay, Ductile Iron, GRP, PVC, and HDPE pipeline systems.



Pipe-Seal-Fix is the perfect solution for single mounting, or even for stringing together a series of PSF seals, to address longitudinal cracking. A continuous mechanical spanning system, Pipe-Seal-Fix partially repairs damaged points within sanitary, industrial, and drinking water systems with a permanent internal seal used to address leakage, root intrusion, and structural emergencies.

Available Standard Dimensions: 8-24 in.

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With all Pipe-Robo-Tec products, the application of the liner end seal does not depend on the liner thickness. Pipe-Seal-End also forms a durable packing between the liner surface and the old pipe, even when groundwater is present. Pipe-Seal-End is the perfect choice to prevent liner infiltration while protecting seals in pipes that undergo regular cleaning and maintenance.

Available Standard Dimensions: 8-24 in.

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Pipe-Seal-Flex can be used to correct pipe misalignment and axial bending. Due to the alignment of lameller openings of a stainless steel sleeve, and the use of the sealing element EPDM, the sleeve forms a positive connection with the pipe wall. Great for pipes under a large amount of stress, the Pipe-Seal-Flex is the perfect tool to reinforce problematic areas to extend your infrastructure’s lifetime.

Available Standard Dimensions: 8-12 in.

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