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Introducing Pacific Tek’s Valve Operators & Vacuum Excavators

We’re excited to announce the new availability of Pacific Tek’s line of Valve Operators and Vacuum Excavators for the United States and Canada! With over 50 years of field experience, Pacific Tek founders have put all of their industry knowledge into creating equipment you can rely on. Great for municipalities and contractors, Pacifc Tek’s Valve Operators are built for exercising and shutting down water distribution valves of all sizes along with Vacuum Excavation packages for non-destructive digging around utility lines or underground infrastructure for easy operator access.

With a large assortment of tank sizes, valve operator models, and specialized accessories, Jack Doheny Companies can help you build the perfect system to meet all of your intended application requirements and more. Give us a call today at 800-936-4369 so we can help you find the perfect vehicle to get the job done right!


Vacuum Excavators

The Power-Vac series from Pacific Tek was originally designed to work with valve operators for valve box clean out & catch basin cleaning, but have become a popular method of non-destructively finding utilities & pipelines through vacuum excavation. These units come in skid, trailer, and truck mounted units with 9 basic tank sizes and over 100 different configuration options depending on your needs. The larger tanks have a reverse flow option where, at the flip of a lever, flow is reversed in the system allowing you to pump liquid or slurry out to a higher elevation, or free up pickup hose clogging by having air exit the hose.

Valve Operators

The Pacific Tek product line includes their vehicle mounted valve operators and a line of transportable vacuum excavating units. Together, they are the core of an underground valve maintenance system. The basis of Pacific Tek’s system, the ability to clean out valves, excavate lines, and to safely operate underground valves can be found in one compact unit that can be either truck or trailer mounted. Model options include the PT-8, the PT-25, and the PT-1000SH “Arm Valve Operator”.


Valve & Vac Swingers

The Valve & Vac Swingers were originally a request by customers who needed to be able to do multiple valves on a corner without re-positioning their truck. Thus, the Valve & Vac Swinger System was created to allow just for that. This unit can be mounted on a truck or trailer and rotated 180°, giving you an extended reach (Long Reach) up to 30 in. with the gate runner or truck mounted valve operator. In addition this unit is equipped with a vacuum excavator or pothole machine that can clean out valve boxes & catch basins.

Custom Vehicle Systems

The Power-Vac models can be combined with water jets, air compressors, valve operators, core drills, truck beds, cranes, lifts, custom lighting, and storage to deliver complete truck mounted systems. Vacuum trucks are a good way of getting multiple uses out of your vehicles and also have a small profile in traffic. Any of the 9 available Power-Vac units can be truck mounted in addition to being combined with truck mounted valve operators and water jet systems. Some additional popular options include data collection systems with complete GPS mapping of work orders, which generate reports at the click of a button.



If you’re looking for more information on the Pacific Tek line of Vacuum Excavators and Valve Operators

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Photo by Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press

The city of Flint has been under a federal state of emergency since January as a direct result of the water crisis, following a change in the city’s water sources in mid-2014. The newer source of water came from Flint River and was found to have higher corrosive properties than the original source, causing pipes to erode and high levels of lead ran through the city’s drinking water.

“The ripple effects of the city of Flint’s tainted drinking water crisis could eventually prompt water suppliers to spend more than a quarter-trillion dollars on infrastructure upgrades faster than anticipated.”

This is a scary figure, and if these changes are expected to come into play quickly they could impose a huge financial burden on water utilities.  With the EPA’s latest survey estimating that the entire sector needs $385 billion in water infrastructure improvements, it’s going to be a tough few years.

With more than six million main service lines across the country, utilities are stepping up education efforts to reinforce public confidence while also evaluating their existing treatment protocols to ensure water quality.

There have been a number of lawsuits filed against the city of Flint with a long list of state and local agencies and officials being held accountable for the crisis. Some suits even seek to hold Gov. Rick Snyder personally liable for damages. Victims of Legionnaires’ disease are being treated in Flint hospitals and are seeking multi-million dollar awards.

The city of Flint began its $55 million “Fresh Start” initiative on Friday and hopes to replace all lead service lines in the city. The aim is to restore safe, clean drinking water as soon as possible.


To read the full article visit USA Today.

Source: Matthew Dolan. “Flint water crisis could cost U.S. $300 billion”. USA Today March 5 2016.