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Season's Greetings from Wille

Before journeying on his world trip, Santa Claus got a bit creative with a Wille 455b to spread some holiday cheer.  Click on the featured video and see what he did at Särkänniemi parking lot, in Tampere, Finland!

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Top 12 Tips for Winter Maintenance

Winter is upon us and we want to make sure that you are as productive as you can be.  Below are our Top 12 tips from our best service technicians on what you can do to make sure your vacuum equipment is prepared for winter.

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1. Check Anti-Freeze level before the start of the season

2. Check the air pressure in your equipment tires

3. Ensure all weather caps are in place on exhaust silencers to prevent water intrusion and freezing

4.. If you park your truck outside or in a building without climate control, winterize your equipment everyday

5. Remove the pressure gauge (if equipped) and store in a climate controlled environment

6. Run the recirculator while traveling to the work-site and until your are ready to start the job

7. When getting started in the morning, start your truck and let it run until the equipment gets to optimal working temperature

8. Dump your debris body and cyclones (if equipped) everyday

9. Drain air tanks everyday

10. Run small amounts of diesel through the blower and vane pumps (if equipped) to prevent flash freezing

11. Use OEM parts for all repairs

12. Have your equipment checked out by your equipment supplier for a thorough evaluation